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Robotic shotcrete machine with spray arm system for sale

2022-11-14 13:40:07

Robotic shotcrete machine with spray arm system refers to the supporting machinery of the concrete shotcrete machine that operates the spray head for spraying operations. There are two ways of walking: rail wheels and tires. The former is suitable for spraying in mine roadways, while the latter is mostly used for spraying in tunnels and large-section chambers. The working mechanism consists of a nozzle rotation mechanism, a four-link automatic parallel support arm, a sleeve telescopic arm, and a swing angle scanning arm. In the early 1970s, the United States and Sweden successively produced derailed wheel-type and tire-type self-propelled robots. In the late 1970s, China developed a hydraulic manipulator and developed it in the direction of remote control.

concrete spray shotcrete system for sale

Robotic shotcrete machine with spray arm system for sale refers to the concrete shotcrete machine supporting machinery that operates the spray head for spraying operation. There are two ways of walking: rail wheels and tires. The former is suitable for spraying in mine roadways, while the latter is mostly used for spraying in tunnels and large-section chambers. The working mechanism consists of a nozzle rotation mechanism, a four-link automatic parallel support arm, a sleeve telescopic arm, and a swing angle scanning arm.

concrete spray shotcrete system

In the process of tunnel construction, in order to meet the safety and quality requirements of tunnel construction, the project department promotes on-site standardized, mechanized and intelligent operations, and will introduce wet spraying manipulators, grouting and stirring integrated machines, small pipe tipping machines, and small pipe punching machines. and other equipment to realize the mechanized equipment operation of the whole process of the tunnel.

concrete spraying  system

Robotic shotcrete machine system operation process: operate the hydraulic system on the operator's cab console or via the distance control cable to realize the manipulator's up-and-down, slewing, telescopic, scanning and whole machine walking, so that the nozzle can flexibly change the angle and orientation with the change of the rock surface , Keep the spray head perpendicular to the rock surface and the optimal spray distance, and effectively control the concrete spray quality, rebound rate and leakage rate.

concrete spraying machine with arm system

A brief history of the development of Robotic shotcrete machine: In the early 1970s, the United States and Sweden successively produced derailed wheeled and tire-type self-propelled robots. In the late 1970s, China developed a hydraulic manipulator and developed it in the direction of remote control.

robotic shotcrete machine for sale

Shotcrete machine refers to a support machine that uses pressure to convey concrete mixture directly onto the rock surface through a nozzle to form a consolidated concrete layer. Mainly used for the support of underground mines, tunnels and chambers, temporary roof protection of stopes and construction of filling barrier walls and other underground engineering support, and can also be used for spraying water seepage and weathering protection layers in surrounding rock, most of which are combined with bolts. Used together, it can improve the support ability.

robotic shotcrete machine manufacturer

Basic structure of Shotcrete machine: The swivel concrete sprayer consists of a hopper, a swivel mechanism, a conveying pipe, a sprinkler, a transmission mechanism, a chassis and a control system. A plurality of fan-shaped or circular material cup holes are evenly distributed around the swivel body, which are arranged staggered from the upper hopper. The material hopper and the rotor are rotated under the drive of the motor through the reducer, and the material cup hole is transferred to the feeding port to load the mixture. The hole of the material cup on the other side turns to the air inlet hole and goes straight to the material outlet. The mixed material in the cup is blown into the conveying pipe by compressed air, and after water or accelerator is added to the nozzle, it is quickly mixed and ejected at a high speed. Nozzles are operated manually or by concrete spraying robots. The walking chassis has rail wheels and tire-type trailers (small computers), crawler and tire bicycles (large computers), mainly driven by electric motors, and the compressed air is supplied by pipelines, and the pressure is 0.1-0.6MPa.

robotic shotcrete machine with spray arm system for sale

Robotic shotcrete machine for sale consists of silo, concrete pump, conveying pipe, spray head, chassis and control system. The sprayer is used in conjunction with the manipulator and the mixing and feeding machine, and some are assembled on a unified chassis to form a concrete spraying unit.

robotic shotcrete machine with spray arm system

Through continuous exploration and practice in recent years, my country's tunnel construction has gradually shifted from single-process mechanized construction to full-process mechanized and intelligent construction, and the level of mechanization and intelligence has been continuously improved. It can speed up the construction progress, save labor, reduce labor intensity, improve construction conditions, improve project quality, and reduce project costs. Therefore, large-scale mechanized and intelligent construction is the future development direction of tunnel construction.

robotic shotcrete machine with spray arm

However, it is difficult to maximize the advantages of mechanized and intelligent construction if only the traditional manual mode is replaced by the mechanical mode. In order to carry out the mechanized and intelligent tunnel construction more effectively, it is necessary to closely cooperate with the tunnel face stability control measures, support structure parameters, construction method and technology, mechanization and intelligent support, and construction information management.

robotic shotcrete machine

Advantages of Robotic shotcrete machine with spray arm:
1. Chassis: Shotcrete machine system adopts a special engineering chassis that conforms to tunnel conditions.
2. Pumping mechanism: The dual-control system is used to drive the pumping system to maximize the reliability of the work; the large-diameter and long-stroke delivery cylinder effectively reduces the number of reversals and greatly improves the pumping efficiency. The maximum theoretical conveying capacity of concrete can reach 30 cubic meters per hour.
3. Power system: Robotic shotcrete machine is driven by motor during normal operation and construction. In case of power failure, the vehicle can be cleaned and closed by the chassis power hydraulic oil pump drive, which effectively improves the usability of the equipment and satisfies the customer's construction requirements. need.
4. Hydraulic system: The dual-power hydraulic oil pump and related hydraulic valve group used in Shotcrete machine with spray arm are imported brands such as German Rexroth, Japanese Kawasaki, Italian Eaton, etc., which effectively ensure the stability and durability of the entire system.
5. Accelerator system: The accelerator system is transported by imported metering pump, and the electric proportional hydraulic motor drives the closed-loop control system for measurement. The displacement of the coagulant effectively improves the use efficiency of the accelerator.
6. Boom system: The boom system is made of high-strength special steel, with two-level telescopic, two-level pitch and 360-degree rotation, which effectively increases the construction coverage space area. The nozzle mechanism adopts two degrees of freedom, which can rotate 360 ​​degrees around the axis of the forearm telescopic joint, and can also swing 240' under the action of the nozzle swinging cylinder. direction of construction.

shotcrete machine system

In tunnel construction, the robotic shotcrete machine is widely used because of its advantages of improving the construction work environment, facilitating the centralized production of concrete and quality control. However, if the wet spraying equipment is used improperly, it will cause problems such as small thickness of wet sprayed concrete, high rebound rate, and unstable dosage of accelerators. Whether the tunnel construction machinery such as wet blasting and drilling and blasting is properly matched directly affects the construction progress and cost. A rationalized mechanized construction plan needs to comprehensively consider many conditions such as project progress, project cost, equipment type and capacity.

shotcrete machine with arm system

The main construction functions of tunnels in mountain areas:
1. It is used to overcome terrain or elevation obstacles, improve alignment, shorten mileage, increase vehicle speed, protect the ecological environment, reduce damage to vegetation, and can also be used to overcome hazards such as landslides, rockfalls, mudslides, and collapses.
2. In urban areas, the land occupation can be reduced and the congestion of intersections can be eased, so as to achieve the purpose of dredging traffic.
3. In rivers, straits and port areas, it will not affect water transportation.
4. The construction of tunnels can make the route smooth, driving safety, shorten the journey, save costs, improve driving comfort, and be less affected by the climate.
5. With the increasing national demand for high-grade highways and the increasingly prominent energy problems, more tunnels will appear.

concrete spray system used for tunnel

Analysis of tunnel construction technology:
In tunnel engineering construction, although my country has made certain achievements, there are still some problems and deficiencies in construction technology and construction machinery and equipment. On the whole, because most highway tunnels are constructed in the field, the construction conditions are harsh, and they are greatly affected by the geological and hydrological conditions. The traditional drilling and blasting construction process has the disadvantages of high labor intensity of workers, slow project progress and high project cost, and the level of construction technology. It is not high, the environmental pollution and material waste are serious, and the safety factor of the workers is low.

concrete spray system used for tunnle project

Therefore, modern tunnel construction needs to further improve the excavation technology, support method and complete construction equipment, from the traditional semi-mechanized to fully mechanized, and use reasonable mechanical equipment configuration to meet the requirements of modern tunnel construction. Especially in the western region of my country, which has a vast territory and is mostly mountainous and hilly, the construction of tunnels can improve the alignment standard and realize high-speed and heavy-duty land transportation. In the future, the number of tunnels to be built will increase, and the standards for tunnel construction will be more stringent. Therefore, the research on tunnel construction technology will not only contribute to the construction of modern tunnels, but will also be of great significance to the future development of tunnel construction technology.

tunnel used concrete spray system

tunnel used concrete spraying system

tunnel project used robotic shotcrete machine

Advantages of Robotic shotcrete machine with spray arm system used for tunnel:
Modern tunnel construction is mainly based on the new Austrian method. The new Austrian method is mainly for the purpose of maximizing the self-supporting capacity of the surrounding rock, with concrete and bolt injection construction as the technical means, and timely measurement as the basis for testing the lining effect . The project adopts the new Austrian method for construction, and the two-step method is used for excavation. The terrain where the project is located is complex, the construction conditions are relatively poor, the geological structure is complex, and the surrounding rock stability is poor. Therefore, the quality of the initial lining in the new Austrian method construction is relatively high.

shotcrete machine with spraying arm used for tunnel

concrete spray shotcrete system with robotic arm

In order to effectively improve the quality of shotcrete and meet the quality requirements of the initial tunnel lining, the project usually uses a robotic shotcrete machine with spray arm system. The robotic shotcrete machine is equipped with a concrete spraying machine group, a high-power concrete pump, a telescopic arm group, and an automatic batching system for quick-setting agents, which can realize long-distance, multi-angle, large-area, and high-density concrete wet spraying operations. The application of robotic shotcrete machine in tunnel construction realizes the coordination and balance of construction quality, work efficiency and operation cost. The construction cost is reduced, and the construction safety and environmental protection are increased.

robotic shotcrete machine for tunnel

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