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GMA400-700AW Auto mixing station

Mixer effective volume:
Mixer :
Centrifugal pump Motor Power:
Centrifugal pump Rotating Speed:
Centrifugal pump Circulation Capacity:
Agitator Effective volume :
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Technical data
■ Description
GMA400-700AW Auto Mixing Station is a combination of screw feeder, mixer, agitator and auto weighing system based on PLC in one base frame. The quality of a grout mix depends solely on the effectiveness of the mixer used. The colloidal grout mixer is the fastest way for mixing. Widely used for water and cement, bentonite, and additives.

auto colloidal grout mixer for ground and underground application
Model explanation of GMA400-700AW auto mixing station:

Model explanation of GMA400-700AW auto mixing station

High-speed, high-shear colloidal grout mixer cause a vortex flow to ensures mix quickly and evenly. Compared with the traditional manual operation mode, this station has added the automatic operation mode, which greatly improves the working efficiency. Auto mixing station has compact size and it is easy to operate. It also takes up a small space.

Details of GMA400-700AW Auto Mixing Station:

Electric control cabinet of auto mixing station
Electric control cabinet of auto mixing station

Centrifugal pump
Centrifugal pump

automatic weighing grout mixer
Automatic weighing  grout mixer

honda air compressor
HONDA air compressor

pneumatic pinch valve
Pneumatic pinch valve

screw feeder
Screw feeder

Water supply system
Water supply system

weighing sensor
Weighing sensor

■ Application
GMA400-700AW auto weighing grout mixer, using the high shear high speed colloidal technologies, is the leading colloidal mixer in the industry, recommended by most grouting experts world-wide.

GMA400-700AW auto colloidal grout mixer is mainly used to be made the cement or bentonite slurry in the highway, railway, hydropower, construction, mining and other ground and underground construction applications.

auto grout mixer for hydropower application

auto high shear grout mixer for mining application

auto high speed grout mixer, for construction application

auto mixing plant railway application

auto mixing station for highway application

■ Features
GMA400-700AW auto mixing station is a fully automatic grouting machine.

fully automatic grouting machine

1. 3 sets of stable weighing modules auto mixing plant.
2. Simple operation interface.
3. Auto high shear grout mixer is with PLC machine control.

Manual Interface

Fully Automatic Interface

Formulations Interface

4. Visualization interface.
5. Lower charging material height for the mixer.
6. High-speed colloidal auto grout mixer,.
7. Manual mode and fully automatic mode.
8. Precision of the ultrasonic liquid level meter.

ultrasonic liquid level meter

9. Auto high speed grout mixer has remote control of the hose pump.

Control cabinet

10. Multiple formulations can be set up.
11. Variable output with the variable-frequency drive of all motors.
12. Smoothly outflow slurry through the pneumatic pinch valve.

automatic weighing sensor

■ Technical data
GMA400-700AW Auto mixing station specification (with electric motor drive): 
1. Pneumatic pinch valve: the slurry flows more smoothly.
2. Ultrasound fluid level meter: height of agitator can be accurately measured.
3. Variable-frequency drive: all motor can be output with variable-frequency.
4. PLC+touch screen : manual mode and fully automatic mode.
5. Remote control : control hose pump: start, stop, accelerate, deceleration.
Mixer Effective volume 400L
Max.mixing capacity 10m³/h
Centrifugal pump Motor power 7.5Kw
Rotating speed 1450r/min
Circulation capacity 1400l/min
Agitator Effective volume 700L
Motor power 2.2Kw
Water supply system Motor power 1.5Kw
Displacement 8.8m³/h
Head 21.5m
Air supply system Motor power 1.5Kw
Displacement 0.15m³/h
Control system Mode PLC
Power DC 24V
Dimension(L×W×H) without screw @Weight 2500×2100×1900mm@1000Kg
Dimension(L×W×H) with screw @Weight 3800×2100×2720mm@1280Kg
We can customize high-speed, high-shear colloidal automatic weighing auto mixing station by your needs.
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