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GP30 30m3/h Lightweight Foam Concrete Pump

30 m3/h
Max.Conveying Pressure:
8 MPa
Cylinder Bore:
80 mm
Max.Horizontal Transporting Range:
600 m
Max. Vertical Transporting Height:
200 m
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Technical data
■ Description
GP30 30m3/h Lightweight Foam Concrete Pump puts cement and water into a slurry mixing and then mix them in a certain proportion, press them into transmission pipelines through hydraulic cylinder; According to a certain proportion foam mixed with water and then mixed with compressed air by the high-pressure pump; In the pipeline it form the high-density foam and meticulous, at last form the foam cement with the slurry in the pipeline.
■ Application
1.Cast in situ wall 
2.External wall thermal insulation 
3.Thermal insulation roofing
4.Thermal flooring
5.Upstanding beam foundation ditches filling
6.Sound insulation and fire protection walls
7.Playground and track construction
8.Sound insulation layer, tunnel lining filling
9.Cellar, basement and arch filling 
10.Sewers and Drains filling 
11.Horizontal floor heightening 
12.Water tank and fuel tank building
13.Platform filling and mending 
14.Garden and rockeries 
15.Foam concrete block 
16.Foamed concrete precasting ,hollow wallboard casting
■ Features
On the basis of taking advance of the principle of the structure from advanced facility abroad and seek the user's advice widely. According to China's actual situation, rely on our rich experience in design and manufacturing the hydraulic equipment, we take the innovation and have a distinct personality characteristics as well as completely independent intellectual property rights.

The use of double cylinder hydraulic pump water bodies Push mud, exports of high pressure, can meet the needs of high-rise ratio of the various ingredients used in automatic control, The density foam cement adjust easily selected using the homemade quality matching components, reliable guaranteed after-sales service can use the high-quality home-foaming agent, lower construction cost with running. 
Round and Universal Wheels, Mobile and place convenient and flexible 
■ Technical data
Model GP30
Max.Output 30 m3/h
Max.Conveying Pressure 8 MPa
Max.Horizontal Transporting Range 600 m
Max. Vertical Transporting Height 200 m
Max. Particle Size of Aggregates 8 mm
Cylinder Bore 80 mm
Delivery Cylinder Bore 140 mm
Max.Pressure of Hydraulic System 24 MPa
Oil Pressure Box Volume 200 L
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