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GA40 foam agent for foam concrete

Light yellow transparent liquid
PH value :
Content of inorganic salt:
Water absorption:
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Technical data
■ Description
GA40 foaming agent made out of high quality natural polymer product is a kind of light yellow transparent liquid. It's not sensitive to hard water, non-toxic, no sediment, non-corrosive to cement and metal, environmental friendly and easy to store. PH value is close to neutral, can produce rich foams with moderate stability. It has the features of low impurities content, light pungent smell, uniform quality, excellent foaming characteristics and foam stability.

foam agent for brick

■ Application
Liquid foam agent can used for making foam;
Foam agent for CLC;
Foam agent for making foam brick;
Closed operation to enhance ventilation. Operators are advised to wear dust masks, chemical safety glasses and rubber gloves. Keep away from fire, heat, and smoking in the workplace.

Foam agent for CLC

concrete foam agent

plant protein foam agent

■ Features
1. Low consumption, low cost, stable quality, etc.
2. Every drum foam agent can produce foam about 100m³.
3. Foam agent for concrete widely used for floor heating and roof insulation engineering.
4. Foamed concrete bubbles are independent, resistance to water.
5. Concrete foam agent compared to same density concrete, sealing and insulation properties of the foam concrete are better.
6. Based on the excellent thermal insulation properties, thickness(1.5mm) can be applied to foam concrete brick, light board and wall.

chemical foam agent

■ Technical data
Model GA40 foam agent for foam concrete
Type Light yellow transparent liquid
Density(kg/L) 1.06
PH value 6.8-7.2
Content of inorganic salt 0.5%
Water absorption 40%
Color(APHA) 50
Consumption(kg/m3) 0.35-0.45
Temperature(℃) 5
Safety Chemically inactive, non-toxic,   odorless
Weight(kg) 200

Delivery picturers of concrete foaming agent:

foam chemical for sale

foam agent for CLC brick

foam agent for concrete

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