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GF5H CLC foam concrete making machine

Max. theoretical concrete put(m³/h):
Motor power(kw):
Theoretical vertical conveying height(m):
Theoretical level transmission distance(m):
Mixer tank capacity(L):
Filling height(mm):
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Technical data
■ Description
GF5H CLC foam cement concrete making machine includes 2 concrete mixer, a screw conveyor, a foam generator and a foam concrete pump. It adopts advanced centralized control technology, can exactly adjust the density of foam cement. 

CLC foam concrete machine

For year's equipment production experiences in making CLC foam concrete brick block, through Gaodetec every technical engineer's research, then we develop this CLC foam cement equipment, capacity of GF5H CLC brick block making machine is 5 cubic meter per hour, which is specially designed for CLC brick block making, and this foam cement machine with auto-weighting system, can automatically measure cement, sand, etc. raw material.

CLC foaming machine

This lightweight foam concrete block making machine is very easy to operate and use. GF5H CLC foam brick block making machine can dilute foam agent automatically based on designed ratio. Also it can put directly on the truck for working. It will be free distribution pipeline, maintenance tools and accessories, etc.

Cellular lightweight concrete blocks

CLC foam concrete block

■ Application
1. GF5H CLC brick block making machine is my company to learn from foreign advanced equipment on the basis of the domestic similar equipment existing deficiencies and deficiencies, innovative design, carefully developed a new generation of cement foaming machine, the equipment uses intelligent control, hydraulic system, quantitative feeding system, hybrid system, automatic foaming system and digital control system is organic whole, the resulting foam cement fine bubble uniform, density can be adjusted according to the need for continuous adjustment, its technical performance and stability are praised by customers.

CLC foam concrete machine application

2. CLC brick block making machine is ideal equipment for light foam cement producing, applied for large area field of insulating layer in floor heating constructions, with daily 80m3 capacity, vertical conveying distance 40m, horizontal 300m, flexible density at 250-1600kg/m3. The surface will flow smooth naturally.

CLC foam brick block making machine

3. CLC foam cement machine is applied for roof insulation constructions, especially the foam material used in roof insulation is with warm keeping, heat insulating function, it’s effect is 20-30 times the ordinary material, which keeps the room temperature of top floor the same as other floors, that is suitable for the north, also suitable for the south with summer heat preservation and heat insulation in winter.

CLC foam concrete machine for making wallboard

4. Lightweight block making machine is also can be used in producing various specifications of cement foam board, cement foam bricks and external wall insulation material. Also applied for insulation, moisture proofing, anti-corrosion of water, heating and transmission oil pipeline, insulation of low temperature cold store and refrigerated depot section, can also be used in filling tunnel and mine internal voids etc.

5. CLC foam brick making machine can be used for insulation wall, sound barriers, light weight thermal-insulating blocks. 

foam concrete house made by CLC blocks

6. CLC foam block making machine can be used for the freezer, the heat preservation of cold wind, tap water pipe and pool and so on, all kinds of pipe heat preservation.

7. Foam brick making machine also can used for the tunnel, mining internal gap filling.
■ Features
1. The CLC brick block making machine is the ideal equipment of foaming cement, with light weight, small size, convenient, high efficiency.
2. The lightweight block making machine adopts high pressure foaming technology with good foaming performance, even high quality, unbreakable, accurate(foaming amount can be precisely controlled within mg).
3. Duplex mixer system to ensure continuous production and uniform density. This design can improve capacity and save labor greatly.
4. Automatically control the proportion of the various components, density of foaming cement easy to be adjusted.
5. High-quality wear resistant components for long service-life and also provide after-sales service security.
6. CLC foam brick making machine is with wheels, then the process line is easy to move, so it can be used for many places, such as construction plant, block plant, and so on.
7. Foam block making machine can be used as cement foaming machine and mortar pump.
8. Use the pump to transport the cement foam. It can use plant type foam agent, animal type foam agent and synthetic foam agent. You can adjust the volume of the raw material.
9. The CLC foam block making machine saves production costs and improves economical returns. The foam cement machine shell is made of high strength and precious steel plate, which is painted at high temperature of 280ºC and has long service life.
10. Foam brick making machine is with simple operation, less wearable parts, convenient maintenance and low cost.

Details of CLC foam concrete making machine:

CLC foam concrete making machine

■ Technical data
Model GF5H CLC foam concrete making machine
Max. theoretical concrete put(m³/h) 5
Motor power(kw) 11
Theoretical vertical conveying height(m) 40
Theoretical level transmission distance(m) 300
Mixer tank capacity(L) 200&500
Filling height(mm) 880
Foam concrete machine dimension(mm) 2100×1340×1390
Total weight(kg) 1500
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