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JBT30 P2 small portable concrete pump with mixer

JBT30 P2
The maximum theoretical delivery output:
The maximum theoretical mix output:
Main oil pump:
Domestic / Kawasaki 112
Mixer model:
Main motor:
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Technical data
■ Description
Small portable concrete pump with mixer is combined by the traditional concrete pump and the mixer together. JBT30 P2 small concrete pump with mixer achieves full automatic during concrete construction process. JBT30 P2 small portable concrete pump with mixer is a new type of engineering equipment combining concrete mixer with concrete pump. It is with small size, small operating space, large concrete pouring volume, mature and stable performance and other excellent characteristics. The product is suitable for small-scale construction, as well as a variety of caves, roads, railway tunnels, water conservancy and hydropower projects, geological disaster slope management projects.

Small portable concrete pump with mixer

■ Application
1. Convey floor heating lightweight foamed cement, mortar, fine aggregate concrete.
2. Convey greening soil in ecological environment construction.
3. Convey all kinds of engineering construction in the plain concrete, fiber concrete.
4. Portable concrete pump is most suitable for four to six floor buildings, especially in the group buildings, bridges and the small construction sites where need the concrete mixer at the scene.

portable concrete pump with mixer application

small portable concrete pump with mixer application

■ Features
1. Glasses plate and cutting ring with high hardness wear-resistant alloy material and longer life.
2. High output pressure, can meet high-rise buildings and the constructions of long-distance transport requirements.
3. Portable concrete mixer and pump in one machine, The perfect combination of mixing and pumping, it's a one new equipment gathering function of lifting gravel material, mixing, and pumping, the whole process completed by an operator, significant saves in labor costs, at least saves 3-4 name labors for the construction, and efficiency can be increased 4-6 times;
With automatic centralized lubrication system, greatly extending the life of rotating parts.
4. Transfer concrete through pipeline. It is fast and safe.
5. JBT30 P2 small portable concrete pump with mixer has small size and suitable for more special environment.
6. Optional part: cement boom, wireless remote control. Electric cabinet equipped with a wired remote control handle, easy to operate. 
7. Conveniently and flexibly moving, very suitable for removing between the multi-site work.
8. New special design JBT30 P2 small portable concrete pump with mixer. Apply for advanced S valve to change direction, better meet to transfer the fine aggregate concrete.  
9. Have suction pumping function to minimize pipe blockage.
Fiction between the rollers by a gear wheel, reliable non-skid.
10. Hydraulic cooling using advanced air-cooling system, no need water, easy to use.
11. Electrical part adopts PLC control, with the best handling characteristics. This is easy to operate.
■ Technical data
Parameters JBT30 P2 small concrete pump
Main oil pump Domestic / Kawasaki 112
Mixer model JZM350
Main Oil Cylinder / Rod* stroke 100*70*800
The maximum theoretical delivery output 30m3/h
The maximum theoretical mix output 15m3/h
Vertical pumping distance 70m
Horizontal pumping distance 300m
Distribution valve type S valve
Main motor 30kw
Rated speed 1480rpm
Outlet pressure 6Mpa
Hydraulic system Open system
Oil tank capacity 200L
Concrete cylinder * stroke 200*800mm
Hopper capacity * feeding height 600*1050mm
Motor Rated Voltage 380V
Hoist motor 5.5kw
Mixing motor 4*2kw
Concrete outlet diameter 180mm
Electrical components Domestic
Max. aggregate size Cobblestone 40mm Gravel 30mm
Weight 4500kg
Dimension 4960*2100*2500mm

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