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Diaphragm filter
Diaphragm filter used for coal industry application
Diaphragm filter is widely used in the coal industry, slime water dehydration treatment, making the coal preparation plant to achieve zero discharge of coal water. It achieves a closed circuit of water, not only could save water resources, but also can im
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automatic filter press
Fast open automatic filter press applied in alumina industry
GAODETEC automatic filter press has been widely used in the red mud of alumina industry, flotation tailing Section. The fast opening system in the process highlights the high automation, the membrane squeezing effect, and fast cake discharging.
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 engineering drilling machine
GM - 5 crawler full hydraulic engineering drilling machine
GM - 5 crawler full hydraulic engineering drilling machine is designed for the anchorage and reinforcement of various complex formation and geological disaster government.
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concrete mixer trailer pump
Working Condition and Application of Concrete mixer trailer pump
Concrete mixer trailer pump is very suitable for rural area building, villages and towns building, factory building, small building, villas construction, residential buildings, open-air construction, etc.
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road marking machine is working
Gaodetec road marking machine is working
Gaodetec road marking machine includes thermoplastic road marking machine, cold painting road marking, and road line removal machine.
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filter press working principle
Working principle of filter press
Filter press is simply a kind of machine, which performs Filtration and separation during its Press operation.
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high pressure resistant membrane filter press
High efficiency fast open filter press application
Gaodetec XMZ series high efficiency automatic filter press expended the length of cylinder and added the technical hand, can discharge several cakes one time. This fast open system can increase the cake discharging efficiency 3-6 times.
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grout pump at wharf
Grout Pump Application
Gaodetec has tens types grout pump for sale, they includes piston grout pump, plunger pump, hydraulic dual grout pump, vertical grout pump etc. and the grout pump could grouting cement slurry, mortar, bentonite, and other additive. So Gaodetec grout pump
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membrane filter press
High pressure membrane filter press used for dyeing industry
Gaodetec membrane filter press adopts TPE elastomer, which has features of long life-span, good stability, fatigue resistance, anti-aging, good sealing performance, high pressing pressure and good corrosion resistance etc.
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cement mortar plastering machine
High speed cement mortar plastering machine made in China
Gaode GEC-311 is a kind of screw type mortar plastering machine. It has features of reasonable design, continuous flow, even spraying, strong adhesion, high speed and with low cost.
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application of road marking machine
With the rapid development of China's economy, highway growth is extremely rapid, road marking machine as a road marking the special machinery, which play an im
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hydro seeding machine
Application of hydro seeding machine
The hydro seeding machine is a new greening method combining the two methods of spraying and non-irrigating, mixing the green seed and the water-retaining agent, the binder, the green fiber covering and the fertilizer, and mixing with the water in the sti
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Prestressed Hydraulic Tension Jack in Mexico
Prestressed Hydraulic Tension Jack Are Applied in Mexico
The below pictures are our YDC2500 prestressed hydraulic tension jacks are applied in Mexico. The tonnage is 250 ton, the tensile strength is 2500KN, 200mm stroke.
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grout mixer application in Malaysia
Grout Mixer Application
Grout mixer is one equipment which making cement paste or slurry. It includes mixing plants (mixer and agitator) and mixer.
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automatic plastering machine
Application of GD-N5 Automatic Mixing Cement Mortar Plastering Machine
GD-N5 automatic plastering machine is high performance, easy to operate and safety plastering machine. It’s a newly designed and produced on the basis of American advanced products.
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rotor type refractory gunite machine
The application of refractory gunite machine
About refractory gunite machine, Gaodetec have formed two different series, rotor type refractory gunite machine and tank type refractory machine thought many years of continuous technological innovation.
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stainless steel plate and frame filter press
Multi-layer stainless steel frame filter application for fine filtering
As we all know, filter press is used to separate liquid and solid. And it is most prominent used in sewage treatment industry. Our small stainless steel frame filter is specialized in fine filtering, such as laboratory, chemicals, medicine, food etc.
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gaodetec concrete pump price
We should learn how to place pipe when concrete pump used for high building
As long with higher living standard, everywhere we can see high buildings. The higher building and the higher requirement for concrete pump, because concrete pump and conveying height problem are easily to come, so we must face the problem--placing pipe.
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protable concrete mixer trailer pump
if concrete mixer trailer pump is leaking out material, you should click here.
There are some customer to ask how to deal with leak out question, as a professional manufacturer of concrete mixer trailer pump, we think, hopper as a part of concrete pump, through it is not belong to important part, like a heart of concrete mixer pump,
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cement mortar pump application in dams
Cement Mortar Pump Application
Our mortar pump is also called cement plaster spraying machine. They can be used to convey or spray mortar in many kinds of construction sites, such as tunnel excavation and maintenance, mine engineering, DAMS, Bridges and foundation treatment engineering
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application of the hydroseeding machine
The application and advantages of hydroseeding machine
Hydroseeding machine can not only be used for road and river slope large-scale afforestation, but also can be used for paddy fields, lawns, flowers and other seeds spray cultivation, irrigation, fertilization, spraying pesticides and soil improvement.
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Hydraulic Filter Press in pharmaceutical industry
Hydraulic Filter Press plays an important role in pharmaceutical industry
With the development of science and technology, various new medical equipment crop up here and there, which greatly satisfy the market demand.
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mortar plastering spray machine
Application of cement mortar plastering spray machine
As a professional cement mortar plastering spray machine manufacturer, we can provide with several types, such as hose type, piston type and screw type.
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automatic filter equipment in biomedical industry
Application of filter press in biomedical industry
Automatic membrane filter press in the fermentation broth of the bio-pharmaceutical industry, enzyme preparations, and sewage treatment widely used to squeeze through the membrane and can get more dry cake, reducing the humidity of the cake, to improve th
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application of peristaltic pump
The application of GEC peristaltic pump
The peristaltic pump is widely applied in architecture, underground construction, petrochemical industry, metallurgy, food industry, ceramic, mining, water treatment, pharmacy, and papermarking, because of its unique structural features.
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