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5mm Anchor Barrel With Wedges for Tension PC Wire


Gaode Equipment Co., Ltd is working on manufacturing and selling prestressed anchor system and other related post tension equipment. The below is our 5mm anchor barrel with wedges, this anchor barrel is mainly used for tension pc wire.

Anchor Barrel With Wedges For Tension PC Wire

We have
5mm anchor heads, 7mm anchor heads and 9mm anchor heads for your options.

5mm anchor barrel

This type anchor barrel and wedge can be matched with a 5 tons hydraulic jack. The tensile force of this 5 tons mono jack is 500KN, the tonnage is 5 tons, 150mm stroke. If you are interested in both products, please send inquiry to us now.

5mm anchor barrel with wedges

Both anchor barrel and wedge, mono jack is mainly used for the following project: housing, commercial buldings, over head fast speed way, high rise buildings, railway, highway, metro way, high-speed railway, mining, piling, foundation, water conservancy project, slope and rock reinforcement, hydropower, anchoring project, etc. 

anchor barrel for tension pc wire

If you want to get 5mm 12.7 mm prestressed concrete anchor pt steel cable barrel wedge price or details, you can contact us freely. Email address:

5mm 12.7mm Anchor Barrel With Wedges For Tension PC Wire