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Thin type single acting hydraulic jack

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Technical data
■ Description
The design of our thin type single acting hydraulic jack is very compact, thin type single acting hydraulic jack is very suited for the place where closed height and max stroke are the main factors. 

mini manual hydraulic cylinder used with hand pump

super low height hydraulic jack

We have RCS series thin hydraulic jacks, RSM series ultra-thin hydraulic jacks, and CRSM series the thinnest hydraulic jacks, they are separate single-acting hydraulic jacks.

synchronized thin jack with oil pump

sync super thin hydraulic cylinder with pump

The tonnage of a thin type single acting hydraulic cylinder jack is range from 5-200ton, and its stroke is range from 6-60mm.

height mini hydraulic ram cylinder

hydraulic lifting ram 36-79mm height

The plunger of thin type single acting hydraulic jack is welding copper, the facial of the plunger rod is plated hard chrome, abrasion resistance is very strong, high-temperature paint, its facial is corrosion resistant and strike.

mini micro telescopic hydraulic lift jack

hydraulic mini lifting jacks

■ Application
1. The thin type single-acting hydraulic lifting jacks cylinders have small size and are lightweight but has a strong load-bearing capacity. So it is suitable for narrow places.

thin type single acting hydraulic jack application

2. The thin type single-acting ultra low height hydraulic lifting jack is widely used in power, chemical, steel, bridge, machinery, and other industries.
■ Features
Features of thin type single acting hydraulic jack:
1. The super thin hydraulic jack has compact structure, exquisite appearance;
2. With the lowest collapsed height, apply to adjust in the small gap;
3. The dustproof ring reduces pollution and prolongs the service life of the hydraulic cylinder;
4. Light weight, small volume, super high pressure, high performance;
5. Single-acting design, reset by spring;
6. Seal scraper of hydraulic jack can extend its life.

Details of single acting thin type hydraulic jack:

ultra low height telescopic hydraulic jack Welding copper design on the piston
Surface finish is less than Ra0.4 M 16*1.5mm and 3/8" quick coupler
70Mpa high pressure oil hose Imported seal kits

ultra low height hydraulic lifting jack

sync thin type hydraulic jack with electric oil pump

small electric lifting jacks

■ Technical data
 Model Tonnage Stroke Closed height Extend height Cylinder in diameter Outer diameter Weight
Ton mm mm mm mm mm KGS
RCS-101 10 38 88 126 45 70 4.1
RCS-201 20 44 99 143 63 80 5
RCS-302 30 62 118 180 80 95 6.8
RCS-502 50 60 122 182 100 127 10.9
RCS-1001 100 45 120 165 140 180 20
RCS-1002 100 57 141 198 140 180 22.7
RCS-1530 150 30 120 150 180 230 30
RCS-1545 150 45 140 185 180 230 35
RCS-2002 200 60 162 222 200 250 55

Model Tonnage Stroke Closed height Extend height Outer diameter Weight
Ton mm mm mm mm KGS
RSM-50 5 6 33 39 59x41 1
RSM-100 10 11 43 54 83×56 1.4
RSM-200 20 11 52 63 102×76 3.1
RSM-300 30 13 59 72 118×95 4.5
RSM-500 50 16 67 83 140×114 6.8
RSM-750 75 16 80 96 165×139 11.4
RSM-1000 100 16 86 102 178×152 14.5
RSM-1500 150 16 100 116 216×191 26.3
RSM-1530 150 30 140 170 216x191 35

thin type hydraulic jack cylinder manufacturers

How to choose the right hydraulic jack?

1. If large capacity work and piston return are required, a large tonnage double-acting hydraulic jack (50-2000 tons) can be selected.
2. Double acting hollow jack can be selected when a PC steel strand, steel wire, or anchor bolt (50-2000 tons) needs to be passed.
3. If jacks are to be installed on some work platforms, flanged hydraulic jacks (10-630 tons) are required.
4. Single acting hydraulic jack is used for work with small tonnage and stroke (10-100 tons).
5. The single-acting hydraulic hollow jack (12-100 tons) can be selected to cooperate with the special tool to pass through the cable or pull rod.
6. The single-acting hydraulic jack with lock nut can be used in the work site where the pressure is maintained for a long time (55-200 tons).
7. Ultra thin hydraulic jack is used in narrow working spaces (10-200 tons).
8. The electric oil pump is matched with all kinds of hydraulic jacks, and has double and single functions to choose from.
9. The hydraulic hand pump is also used to match with the hydraulic jack, and the customer has no requirements for work efficiency.
All tonnage, stroke, and height can be customized according to customer requirements to provide the best quality and service. Our warranty period is 2 years.
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