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A:Yes, just give us a five or six inch opening and we can place our hose through the opening and pump into any area with that small of an access.

A:Small concrete pump can pump concrete vertical height 110m (360feet) and level transmission distance 300m (980feet). Large concrete pump can pump concrete vertical height 150m (492feet) and level transmission distance 450m (1475feet).

A:The factory fill hydraulic oil is anti-wear YB-N68. If the temperature in the working site is much low, YB-N68 is suggested.

A:Generally speaking, yes, concrete mixer pump and concrete pump are safe to operate. The pump has evolved into a machine with many different safety features, like an ‘emergency stop’ (or ‘E-Stop’) button that cuts all of the power immediately. Proper safety training beforehand will certainly reduce the risk as well as proper cleaning and operation.

A:In the event of an electrical malfunction, the entire system can continue to pump in a manual mode. With color-coded levers and an easy to read diagram, operators can switch the entire system from an electric mode to manual in case of emergency.

A:1) Conveying floor heating lightweight foamed cement, mortar, fine aggregate concrete, normal concrete 2) Conveying refractory and insulation materials 3) Conveying greening soil in ecological environment construction 4) Conveying all kinds of engineering construction in the plain concrete, fiber concrete 5) Pressure grouting of foundation pile

A:Yes, we pump for industrial users. Typical jobs are footings, as well as jobs above the truck level, such as concrete floors on the second, third or fourth floors. Trailer mounted concrete pump with output 40m3/h to 80m3/h are also applied for high-rise conveying, railway, tunnel, bridge construction and special applications, hydraulic power, mining and national defense.

A:Portable concrete pump be pumped up and down hill around and under obstacles, through small openings, across large distances and so on. We have been on many different types of jobsites that require different set ups and I'm sure that we will be able to help you out on yours. Just let us know what you require.

A:For horizontally pumping, pipeline is easy to arrange. For pumping concrete vertically, normally we leave some small holes and space each floor. When the building is finished, the holes and space will be sealed or left for some other function such as water transmission conduit. The steel pipe of our pump is through these holes and space in the buildings. Vertically pipeline via exterior and tied to the scaffold is also convenient.

A:The project you are going to do: transfer or spraying? The pump you need with mixer or without? The power: electric or diesel. If electric, what is the voltage and frequency in your local site? The output you need. The max aggregate size it deals with.

A:Refined manufacturing is the platform for a quality product. Our concrete pumps equipment is built on a rolling assembly line, which streamlines efficiency and ensures a common build. The result is a consistent, quality product that doesn’t change with each production, simplifying things for you when it comes to maintaining your working site.

A:A concrete pump is a machine used for transferring liquid concrete by pumping. There are two main types of pumps: boom and truck / trailer mounted. Trailer-mounted concrete pump requires steel or flexible concrete placing hoses to be manually attached to the outlet of the machine. Those hoses are linked together and lead to wherever the concrete needs to be placed.

A:We off 12 months quality warranty for the mud pump for mortar pump machine.

A:The project you are going to do, for transport or spraying or both? The output you need The max aggregate size The power: electric or diesel? If electric, kindly also let us know the voltage and frequency in your working site.

A:Yes, we can produce with your logo.

A:Yes, we are the mortar pump machine manufacturer in China. Our high quality and extensive range of products are highly preferred in the market owing to their superior performance in a reliable and enduring manner.

A:We can make and provide 12.7mm, 15.24mm prestressed anchorage, anchor can be divided into round(circle) anchor and flat anchor. Prestressed anchor system is mainly including prestressing anchor head, wedges, anchor bearing plate, and spiral reinforcement.

A:Please tell us the electric voltage in your local. Here is 3 phase, 380v, 50Hz. You can tell us yours and then we can see if we can redesign it for you or offer you other solution.

A:Please tell us more about your project and your requirement for the machine, and then suitable model or solution will be offered with the help of our experienc

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