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Soil Sieving Machine

ZGT-02 soil screener machine
Dimension(mm) L*W*H:
Vibrator motor power:
Main machine power:
Conveying feeder power:
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Technical data
■ Description
The soil sieving machine can be used with GHS hydroseeder. This soil sieving machine is made of a motor, hopper, drum sieve and transmission rod. It has vibration camalig, drum-sifting, and conveying the soil three functions. It has the characteristics of excellent material selection, stable structure, convenient operation and large screening output.

GHS hydroseeder

Working principle of soil sieving machine:

The forklift puts the raw material into the hopper, through the transmission belt, the material enters the trommel screen, and then the sand is transported to the pile through the outlet, and the stone is transported to the stone pile, and the work is completed.

sand screening machine manufacturer

As a professional producing factory of soil sieving machines in China, we offer the best quality products, the best service, and a pretty good price. If you have any interest in our soil sieving machine, please contact us freely for more information. Email address:
■ Application
Soil screening machine is mainly used for separation and mixing of sand, coal, screening, etc., and its application is also very wide, such as coal, grain, gun factory, foundry, flower nursery, medicine, construction mortar, etc.

Soil screening machine for sale

Because of its strong screening ability, fast working speed, easy operation, high cost performance and beautiful appearance, it is favored by domestic and foreign customers.
■ Features
Advantages of soil sieving machine:
1. Reasonable design and compact structure, it only takes 10 minutes to replace the screen bottom;
2. The screening rate is high, the sieving does not stick to sand, and the resources are saved;
3. Wet sand can be screened normally and is not affected by the weather;
4. High working efficiency, more than 10 times that of manual screening;
5. It has a wide range of applications and can screen sand, coal, grain and other mixtures.

 soil sieving machine for sale

As the soil sieving machine gets longer, it can screen more sand. It has the characteristics of convenient operation and movement, compact structure, fast speed, low investment and high efficiency, and is especially suitable for guests who are just starting to work in this field.
■ Technical data
 Model Dimensionmm)L*W*H  Weight   Vibrator motor power   Main machine power  Conveying feeder power Output 
ZGT-01  4200*1650*2600  1200kg  0.22kw 3kw 2.2kw 5-15m³/h
ZGT-02  4700*1700*2750  1500kg  0.22kw 4kw 3kw 6-20m³/h
ZST-01  3700*1350*1700  1t  0.25*2kw 7.5kw 1.5kw 3-10m³/h
ZST-02  3900*1500*1800  1.2t  0.37*2kw 11kw 2.2kw 5-15m³/h




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