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GHS0883 Hydroseeding Machine for Sale

Mixing tank:
90CBM/h (1500l/min)
Maximum aggregate:
Maximum horizontal conveying distance:
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Technical data
■ Description
GHS Series hydroseeding machine and hydroseeder technology is more and more applied in road greening, expressway slope greening, erosion control, landfill cover, mine reclamation, dust control, landscaping, etc. projects and also involves in planting permanent vegetation, spraying slurry, slope protection, grassing and erosion prevention.

Gaode Equipment Co., Ltd. is hydroseeding machine supplier and manufacturer for 20 years and specialized in the development and production of spraying equipments. We offer a variety of configurations hydroseeder spray machine for sale. Gaodetec hydroseeding machine are available in vehicle and trailer styles. On the 8000L hydroseeding machine, we offer three engine options: Kohler gasoline engine, Changchai diesel engine and Yanmar diesel engine. We recommend that you use a Yanmar diesel engine. We offer higher performance machines. The enterprise concept is "Spreading greening technology, concentrating on greening equipment". Gaodetec hydroseeding machine is your better choice.

hydroseeding machine

GHS0883 and GHS0683 are designed for mid to larger-sized hydroseeding projects. From large residential and commercial properties, highway roadsides, industrial parks, sports fields, mine reclamation sites and more, the two types are an economical choice for performance and production.

GHS0883 hydroseeding machine for sale is driven by single diesel, electronic control, easy operation, hydroseeder machine is especially suitable for outdoor conditions, applicable to all kinds of rock slope, hard soil, poor soil, acidic soil, arid zones, clay soil and coastal dam, etc. Hydroseeder is with powerful diesel engine, agitation system with hydraulic motor drive, strong centrifugal pump, and two powerful drivers, high-performance dedicated pumps, and high ability for material delivering.

GHS0883 hydroseeding machine is best applied for spraying thicker material(60%-70% solid content in the mixture), specially designed for grass projects which soil condition is tough and spraying distance is higher and longer, to the conditions like stable soil slope above 45 degree, high-filled embankment slope and man-made soil slope.

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hydroseeder spray machine

hydroseeding equipment for sale

GHS0883 Hydroseeding Machine Details:
Hydroseeder with diesel engine, slurry pump Hydroseeder machine for sale
hydroseeder machine with diesel engine, slurry pump Hydroseeder machine for sale
Hydroseeding machine nozzle   Hydroseeding machine with trailer trie
Hydroseeding machine nozzle  Hydroseeding machine with trailer trie
 Hydroseeding equipment details  Hydroseeding machine details
hydroseeding equipment details  Hydroseeding machine details
Operating ststem of hydroseeding machine Hydroseeding machine tank
Operating ststem of hydroseeding machine Hydroseeding machine tank
Hydroseeder accessories  Hydroseeder parts
Hydroseeder accessories Hydro seeder parts
■ Application
With high working efficiency and uniform spraying, GHS0883 hydroseeding machine has become an effective vegetation planting method in greening engineering, such as, highway and railway slope greening, mine greening, desert treatment, river embankment protection and large-scale green space reconstruction.

hydroseeding machine application

It is used for spraying water-based mixture of slurry, grass seed, fiber mulch, fertilizer, water-retaining agent, adhesion agent; it is used in residential landscape, commercial landscape, soil erosion control, mine rehabilitation etc. Also for stable soil slope, high fill sub-grade slope, artificial soil slope, lawn, rice field, garden, golf courses, park, school, soil improvement and the place of erosion control.

Application of Hydro Seeding Machine:
Hydroseeder spray machine application Hydroseeding equipment application

Hydroseeder spray machine for highway and railway slope greening

Hydroseeding equipment for golf courses

Hydro seeding system application Seed spray machine application

Hydro seeding system for soil erosion control

Seed spray machine for artificial soil slope

Grass seeds planting machine application Hydroseeder spray machine application

Grass seeds planting machine for stable soil slope

Hydroseeder spray machine for grass seed

■ Features
GHS0883 Hydroseeding Machine Features: 
1. 83kw China brand diesel engine, Air-controlled over-center clutch.
2. Spraying distance of up to 65m from cannon.
3. Agitator with helical paddle orientation and liquid recirculation.
4. GHS0883 hydroseeding machine for sale with specially design centrifugal pump: 5’’x2.5’’, capacity 80m3/h.

GHS Series Hydroseeding Equipment Features: 
1. The material of hydroseeding machine main structure is made of high quality structural steel. No matter how worse the conditions are, it ensures seeder sturdy and solid. The device improved the safety of construction greatly.
2. GHS Series hydroseeding machine has reasonable, generous appearance. Attractive appearance, compact structure. Hydroseeding machine is painted with imported painting to guarantee of three-year no fading.
3. Advanced technology, it even works for mud materials which have poor mobility, no blocking, and no stopping, well adaptation of various materials, big output pressure. It can overcome the influence of adverse natural conditions, spray on steep slopes where it it difficult to seed successfully. At the same time, the machine can resist wind, rain and water rush, meeting the needs of turf construction under different site conditions. High science and technology content, which can integrate grass seeds, fertilizers and wrapping materials, integrate chemical energy and biological energy, and apply it to the surface through mechanical energy.
4. China famous brand diesel engine brand Dongfanghong or Huadong, or International famous brand Cummins engine.
5.Two mixing models, blades mixing and circular spray, are powerful enough to ensure the spraying mixture in the planting process is in fully suspended and fully mixed stated, evenly emitting the mixture of raw materials at one time. Uniform sowing, high efficiency. The hydroseeding machine can complete fertilization, seed mixing, seeding, covering and other processes at one time and it is less affected by the wind which can improve the speed and quality of lawn planting.
6. Hydroseeding equipment has strong power, powerful agitation system, the maximum head can be above 60m, and be equipped with many types of spraying guns, which extend the maximum operation scope from 200m to 300m, fan-shaped spray nozzle or mist spraying is more suitable for close-distance planting to meet various requirements.
7. This hydroseeder spray machine has wide usage, not only can be applied in spraying planting for rice, grass, tress, flowers, seeds, and other crops, but also in irrigation, fertilize, pesticide spraying and other daily care, soil improvement work. This hydroseeder can also mix different materials like hydromulching, spraying material could include many soil, seeds, fertilizer, rice straw, soil conditioner, seed adhesives, moisturizer, fiber covering materials, yellow soil, red soil, sandy soil, clay, wood, paper, cotton and water etc. evenly emitting slurry materials with big proportion, high and super concentration.
8. Our soil spraying machine can also use as a hydroseeder.
9. Inside of tank we use anti-rust paint, outside of tank we use anti-rust paint first, then common paints.
10. Our hydroseeding machine could be designed as trailer type for your convenience. With good integral mobility and complete supporting accessories. Convenient and easy to use. The hydroseeder machine can be operated independently. Easy to move, which is especially suitable for low and medium slopes and dispersed slopes.
11.The cost of using the hydroseeding equipment for green construction is lower than that of laying sod roll. And it doesn’t occupy farmland, so there is no need to carry out digging, loading, planting and long-distance transportation, which can reduce labor intensity. Good working performance, high efficiency. Hydroseeding machine for sale with various types for your choice.
■ Technical data
Model GHS0332 GHS0683 GHS0883
Mixing tank Geometric volume 3000L 6000L 8000L
Working volume 2500-2800L 5600-5800L 7600-7800L
Mixing mode Mechanical paddle agitation and liquid recirculation Hydraulic infinitely variable, blades mixing and circular jet mixing Hydraulic infinitely variable, blades mixing and circular jet mixing
Power system Power 32KW 83KW 83KW
Diesel engine F3L912 4RMAZG 4RMAZG
Rotate speed 1800rpm 2400rpm 2400rpm
Pump system Output 35CBM/h583l/min 90CBM/h (1500l/min) 90CBM/h (1500l/min)
Exit pressure 1.05Mpa 1.05Mpa 1.05Mpa
Materials rate 40%-60% 60% 60%
Maximum aggregate 10mm 10mm 10mm
Maximum horizontal conveying distance 55m 80m 80m
Other parameter Dimension 3350*2030*2600mm 5000*2100*2600mm 5000*2100*2600mm
Types of spraying guns Fan 60º, fan 90º vertical and pipe vertical and pipe

We could offer customize service, such as make the hydroseeding machine with trailer, make the tank volume bigger etc.
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