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GHS15190 Hydroseeding equipment

190KW, Cummins engine, water-cooled
Tank Size:
Liquid capacity: 15000L Working capacity: 13500L
Centrifugal pump: 6’’x3’’ (15.2X7.6cm), 120m³/h@14bar, 32mm solid clearance
Twin mechanical agitators with helical paddle orientation and liquid recirculation
Rotating speed of mixer shaft:
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Technical data
■ Description
GHS15190 hydroseeding equipment is a new, big capacity, wide applicability, simple operation and maintenance hydroseeder. GHS15190 hydroseeding equipment has more horsepower with high efficiency, 190kw Cummins diesel engine and air-controlled over-center clutch. 
Hydroseeding typically consists of applying a mixture of wood fiber, seed, fertilizer, and stabilizing emulsion with hydro-mulch equipment that temporarily protects exposed soil from water and wind.
GHS series hydroseeding equipment is driven by diesel engine. Tank capacity has 2000L, 3000L, 6000L, 8000L, 13000L or 15000L. Our GHS15190 hydroseeding machine is equipped with a specially designed centrifugal pump to handle the thickest slurries. Cost-effective because it is a one-time maintenance application with the lowest maintenance costs and no labor costs. Soil moisture can be maintained by methods such as rainwater harvesting.

Details of GHS15190 Hydroseeding equipment:
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■ Application
GHS Series hydroseeding equipment and hydroseeder technology is more and more applied in road greening, expressway slope greening, soil erosion control, landfill cover, mine rehabilitation, dust control, residential landscape, commercial landscape, landscaping, etc. projects and also involves in planting permanent vegetation, spraying slurry, slope protection, grassing and erosion prevention.

GHS Series hydroseeding equipment application:
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Hydroseeding machine is definitely the most economical option for establishing the growing results required without the expense, time consumption, installation demands of terraced and drainage work. 
Hydroseeding is particularly suitable for green slopes, slag, mines, hills, hillsides, erosion control, large-scale plantations, golf courses and more. 
Hydroseeding machine has wide range of application fields:
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hydroseeding equipment for lawn greening hydroseeding equipment for golf courses greening
hydroseeding equipment for mine rehabilitation hydroseeding equipment for hills greening
hydroseeding equipment for hillsides greening hydroseeding equipment for soil erosion control
■ Features
1. Our hydroseeding machine is specially design centrifugal pump: 6’’x3’’, capacity is 120m³/h;
2. Its spraying distance of up to 85m from cannon; 
3. Dual cannons design for spraying on both sides of the machine for hard-to reach areas; 
4. Centralized electronic control to improve work efficiency;
5. Swivelable hydraulic hose reel with reel in and reel out functionality;
6. Twin mechanical agitators with helical paddle orientation and liquid recirculation;
7. Wireless remote control makes operate more easily during work;
8. Removable hoppers for mulch hatch and normal fill well; 
9. More horsepower with high efficiency: GHS15190 hydroseeding equipment is with 190kw Cummins diesel engine, air-controlled over-center clutch; 
■ Technical data
Model GHS15190 hydroseeding equipment
Power 190KW, Cummins engine, water-cooled
Tank Size Liquid capacity: 15000L  
Working capacity: 13500L
Pump Centrifugal pump: 6’’x3’’ (15.2X7.6cm), 120m³/h@14bar, 32mm solid clearance
Agitation Twin mechanical agitators with helical paddle orientation and liquid recirculation
Rotating speed of mixer shaft 0-130rpm
Maximum horizontal conveying distance 85m 
Spraying guns type fixed standing gun and pipe gun
Height of fence 1100mm
Dimensions 7200x2500x2915mm
Weight 8500kg
Options Stainless steel material for whole unit
Hose reel with hose
Remote control unit

We could offer customize hydroseeding equipment for sale, such as make the hydroseeding machine with trailer, make the tank volume bigger or smaller etc. If you want to have hydroseeding equipment price, hydroseeding machine price, you can tell us freely, email address:
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