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GHS08100 Hydroseeder for sale

100KW, Cummins engine, water-cooled
Tank Size :
Liquid capacity: 8000L Working capacity: 7300L
Centrifugal pump:5’’x3’’ (12.6X7.6cm), 90m³/h@11bar, 20mm solid clearance
Mechanical agitator with helical paddle orientation and liquid recirculation
Maximum horizontal conveying distance:
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Technical data
■ Description
GHS08100 Hydroseeder for sale is designed for mid to larger-sized hydroseeding projects. From large residential and commercial properties, highway roadsides, industrial parks, sports fields, mine reclamation sites and more, the two types are an economical choice for performance and production.
Hydroseeder spraying machine is a kind of efficient, multi-purpose spraying machine, spraying and sowing machinery at home and abroad the advantages of repeated research and improvement, and constantly improve the contrast, hydraulic non-stage centralized control panel and many other high-tech.

GHS08100 Hydroseeding Machine Details:
Hydroseeder details Hydroseeder tank
Hydroseeder control box Hydroseeder factory
■ Application
GHS08100 Hydroseeder is used for spraying water-based mixture of slurry, grass seed, fiber mulch, fertilizer, water-retaining agent, adhesion agent. It is used in residential landscape, commercial landscape, soil erosion control, mine rehabilitation etc. Also for stable soil slope, high fill sub-grade slope, artificial soil slope, lawn, rice field, garden, golf courses, park, school, soil improvement and the place of erosion control.
GHS08100 hydro seeder for sale can be used for soil surface or surface spraying of non-soil organic matter such as rock and soil, sand, etc. Spraying and seeding of mixtures or similar materials for spraying mixtures of soil, water, fertilizers and other additives is ideal for mechanical and ecological restoration.

Hydroseeder application

■ Features
1. GHS08100 Hydroseeder for sale with 100L clean water flush tank.
2. Specially design centrifugal pump: 5’’x3’’, capacity 90m3/h.
3. Agitator with helical paddle orientation and liquid recirculation.
4. Hydro seeder for sale with engine protection door and ventilation.
5. Swivelable hydraulic hose reel with reel in and reel out functionality.
6. Hydro seeder with ground level control box with start and stop controls.
7. Spraying distance of GHS08100 hydroseeder is up to 70m from cannon.
8. Hydroseeder with emergency stop button on top and ground level to shutdown engine in emergency.
9. More horsepower with high efficiency: 104kw Cummins diesel engine, Air-controlled over-center clutch.
■ Technical data
Model                 GHS08100 Hydroseeder   GHS06100 Hydroseeder
Power 100KW, Cummins engine, water-cooled
Tank Size Liquid capacity: 8000L 
Working capacity: 7300L
Liquid capacity: 6000L 
Working capacity: 5500L
Pump Centrifugal pump:5’’x3’’ (12.6X7.6cm), 90m³/h@11bar, 20mm solid clearance
Agitation Mechanical agitator with helical paddle orientation and liquid recirculation
Rotating speed of mixer shaft 0-110rpm
Maximum  horizontal conveying distance 70m
Spraying guns type Fixed standing gun
Height of fence 1100mm
Dimensions 5800x2150x2750mm
Weight 5000kg 4500kg
Options Stainless steel material for whole unit
Hose Reel with hose
Remote control unit
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