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BW Series Slurry Pump

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Technical data
■ Description
BW Series Slurry Pump is one of the principal equipment for geological drilling. It delivers the enough volume circulating mud water of desired characteristic under pressure into the well to bring the rock clastic up to ground, to cool the drill bit to lubricate the drill tool and to protect the wall of the well. So the function of mud pump affects the efficiency of drilling and safety in production directly.

Drilling Slurry Mud Pump for sale

BW-250 Mud pump is a horizontal, triplex, single acting reciprocating piston pump. It has the advantages of multi-speed shift gears for variable displacement, construction, light weight,readily movable and easy to be operated etc. BW-250 Mud Pump is provided with two kinds of the liner, 80mm is for core frilling of the ordinary bore, and 65 mm is for core drilling of small bore with diamond bit. The slurry pump can be driven by electric motor or diesel engine according to the requirement of the customer in order.

triplex mud pump for drilling rig

■ Application
BW Series Slurry Mud Pump can match with 1500m drilling rigs and also for grouting.

Reciprocating Mud Pump for drilling rig

Mud Pump for Drilling rig

■ Features
1. Small size, light weight slurry mud pump.
2. Long life.
3. Easy handling.
4. Delivery time within 15 working days.
■ Technical data
Model Max.Flow Max Pressure Input Power Suction Pipe Diameter(mm) Discharge pipe Diameter(mm) Weight(kg) Size(mm)
BW-150 150L/Min 7Mpa 7.5kw 51mm 32mm 560kg 1080*850*750
BW-250 250L/min 8Mpa 15kw 76mm 51mm 1000kg 1100*995*650
BW-320 320L/min 10Mpa 30kw 76mm 51mm 1000kg 1280*855*750
BW-350 350L/min 13Mpa 45kw 76mm 51mm 720kg 1905*1100*1200
BW-450 450L/Min 2Mpa 18.5Kw 89mm 51mm 540kg 1350*820*1040
BW-300 300L/Min 6Mpa 55kw 76mm 51mm 1200kg 2050*1030*1350
BW-150/1.5 150L/min 1.5Mpa 5.5Kw 51mm 32mm 650kg 1100*750*650
BW-160H 160L/min 1.3Mpa 5.5Kw 51mm 32mm 130Kg 1100*750*750
BW-200/10 200L/min 10Mpa 22kw 76mm 51mm 800kg 1660*920*867
BW-200 200L/min 4Mpa 15kw 65mm 37mm 300kg 1050*630*820
BW-450Q 450L/min 2Mpa 18.5kw 89mm 51mm 560kg 1350*820*1040
BW-500/7 500L/min 7Mpa 30kw 89mm 51mm 720kg 1350*820*1040
BW-400/10 400L/Min 2.2Mpa 45kw 76mm 51mm 720kg 1905*1100*1200
BW-450/5 450L/min 2Mpa 22kw 76mm 51mm 520kg 1000*995*650
BW600/10 600L/min 10Mpa 55KW 89mm 51mm 1400KG 1500*890*1230
BW-850/2 850L/Min 2Mpa 37kw 125mm 64mm 3100kg 3018*1120*2050
BW-850/5 850L/Min 5Mpa 90kw 152mm 64mm 3100kg 3010*1120*2050

four cylinder reciprocation single acting piston pump

1200/10 horizontal four cylinder reciprocation single acting piston pump:

Model Four cylinders 1200/10 mud pump
Cylinder diameter (mm) 120
Stroke (mm) 140
Input speed (time/min) 215 175 152 84
Flow (l/min) 1200 970 846 467
Pressure (Mpa) 5.5 6 7.5 10
Power (Kw) 132
Shape size (mm) 1650*1150*1200
Weight (kg) 1620

horizontal four cylinder reciprocation single acting piston pump

1300/15 horizontal four cylinder reciprocation single acting piston pump:

Model Four cylinder 1300/15 mud pump
Stroke (mm) 136
Pump speed (time/min) 180
Cylinder diameter (mm) 130 90
Flow (l/min) 1300  650
Pressure (Mpa) 15 25
Power (Kw) 185
Shape size (mm) 1685* 1650*1450
Weight (kg) 2560
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