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GPS-7A Wet Shotcrete Machine

Max. pressure:
Distribution valve type:
S valve
Stroke x cylinder ID:
Hopper volume:
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Technical data
■ Description
GPS-7A wet shotcrete machine use hydraulic pumping S valve structure, two oil cylinders Reciprocating motion alternately to pump concrete from conveying pipe to nozzle, Add compress air to wet shotcrete machine outlet and add A percentage of the accelerator at nozzle, concrete slurry be sprayed to surface directly. GPS-7A output could be adjusted continuously: main oil pump is variable displacement plunger pump, spraying volume could be adjusted freely. Accelerating adding quantity could be adjusted continuously: according to concrete spraying volume adjust step-less. Gaodetec equipped self-lubrication system for the wet shotcrete machine to automatic lubrication for main sealing parts, thus could lengthen wearing parts working life greatly.
■ Application
GPS-7A air wet shotcrete machine used for wet concrete spraying in mine, tunnel, culvert, metro, hydropower engineering, underground construction, slope protection etc. or for filling, grouting pumping concrete mortar etc.
■ Features
Use S valve reversing, good sealing performance, longer working life;
Equipped floating wearing ring on S valve, could self-compensating wearing;
High outlet pressure, could meet the demands of concrete pumping for high building;
Hydraulic system adopt air-cooler, easy operate, don’t need water;
Air shotcrete machine with reverse function, reduce pipe plugged;
Main oil pump is variable displacement plunger pump, spraying volume could be adjusted freely;
Equipped self-lubrication system to automatic lubrication for main sealing parts, lengthen wearing parts working life;
PLC control, With wireless remote control, easy to operate;
Wet shotcrete machine with guide pulley, easy to move, location;
Accelerating adding quantity could be adjusted continuously.
■ Technical data
GPS-7A wet shotcrete machine
Item spec unit Remarks
output 5-8 m3/h
Max. pressure 8 MPa
Distribution valve type S valve
With accumulator
Stroke x cylinder ID 550×120 mm
Hopper volume 210 L With mixer and vibrator
Power 22 Kw
rotation 1450 r/min
Main oil pump 30-50 cc/Rev constant power control, Manual variable
Hydraulic oil tank volume 160 L
Air pressure 0.7 Mpa shotcrete
Air consumption 6 m3/min shotcrete
Acceptable max. aggregate size 20 mm
Suitable concrete slump 8-15 cm
Accelerate flow 70-320 L/min GH15-200
Dimension 3500x1360x1530 mm
Weight 1515 Kg
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