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GSZ3000 Wet Shotcrete Machine

Rated Output:
5m3 /h
Max. Horizontal Conveying Distance:
35m(wet) /200m(dry)
Max. Aggregate Size:
Concrete Slump:
8 -15cm
Conveying Hose Inner Diameter:
51/ 64mm
Operating air Pressure:
0.3-0.6MPa (43-86PSI)
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Technical data
■ Description
GSZ3000 wet shotcrete machine is a universal concrete spraying machine for the processing of wet or dry mix. GSZ3000A due to its full pneumatic driven unit, for the required anti-explosion applications, such as coal mining, tunnel and underground engineering, this unit is perfect and specific one.
The machine is suitable either for manual spraying or by means of a robotic arm.
Basic: Electric drive can be combined with tyre chassis.
Extended (optional):Air motor drive or diesel drive combined with Skid or Rail-wheel.
■ Application
GSZ3000 wet shotcrete machine is developed for the application of shotcrete in tunnel building, swimming pool, mines and slopes. This shotcrete machine has been designed especially for fibre spraying. And the dosing unit is combined with this machine. 

■ Features
1. The thin flow wet-mix concrete shotcrete;
2. With very low equipment cost, to get wet-mix concrete shotcrete;
3. Within the 30 meters conveying distance, it is a perfect wet-mix concrete shotcrete machine;
4. Shotcrete material flow is even and continuous;
5. Both dry-mix and wet-mix concrete spraying.
■ Technical data
►Electric drive
Rated Output 5m3 /h
Max. Horizontal Conveying Distance 35m(wet) /200m(dry)
Max. Aggregate Size 15mm
Concrete Slump 8 -15cm
Conveying Hose Inner Diameter 51/ 64mm
Operating air Pressure 0.3-0.6MPa (43-86PSI)
Air Consumption 10~ 12m3 /min(357-430CFM)
Main Motor Power 7.5kW(10hp)
Dosing Pump GH15
Dosing Pump Rated Pressure 0.8MPa(116PSI)
Dosing Pump Output 28-130L /h
Voltage 220V, 380V, 440V, 660V, 50Hz/60Hz
Material Charging Height 1.17m
Rotor Speed 11r/min
Overall Dimension(L × W × H) 2.05× 0.95× 1.18m
Net Weight 1200kg

►Air motor drive
Rated output 5m3/h
Max. horizontal conveying distance 35m(wet) /200m(dry)
Max. aggregate size Dia.15mm
Concrete slump 8~15cm
Conveying hose Dia.50/65mm
Operating air pressure 0.2~0.6MPa
Air consumption 22m3/min (12+10)
Loading height 1.17m
Rotor Rev. 11r/min
Rebound ≤10 %
Air motor power 8kW
Dosing pump model BHA530 Dosing pump
Dosing pump rated pressure 0.5MPa
Dosing pump output 0~100L/h
Overall dimension(L×W×H) 1950×1050×1360mm
Weight 1200Kg

 ►Diesel drive

Output Capacity 3-5m3 /h
Max. Horizontal Conveying Distance 35m(wet) /200m(dry)
Suitable Mix Ratio(Cement/Sand) ≤1:4~5
Max. Aggregate Size 15 mm
Conveying Hose Inner Diameter Dia.64 mm
Conveying Pressure 0.2-0.4MPa(29-58PSI)
Air Consumption 10~12m3/min(357-430CFM)
Material Charging Height 1.1m
Rotor Speed 7.5-11r/min
Diesel Engine 22hp, 2200rpm
Diesel Engine Starting Electric start
Clutch Type in Diesel Engine Automatic Clutch
Air Vibrator OR100, Oli
Overall Dimension(length×width×height) 2.55×1.05×1.25m
Dosing pump model BHA530 Dosing tank
Net Weight 1300kg
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