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GD Vibration Marking Machine

Coat capacity:
120kg (60L)
Glass bead capacity:
Honda liquid engine, OHV4 stoke
Engine power:
163cc, 5.5HP
Fuel :
Gasoline/petrol or liquid gas
Walk drive mode:
Automatic oil and infinitely variable speed
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Technical data
■ Description
GD vibration marking machine adopts the programmable microcomputer control technology from Siemens, through Omron’s sensor passes on the accurate signal to the Microcomputer, then through the computer give order to the pneumatic cylinder, then realize the prominent marking and primer marking at the same time for just once; It also equipped with stepless speed changing system, it greatly promotes the construction efficiency and makes the marking accurately fit the shape height and space; Pneumatic cylinder from Comazzi and electronic valve ensure the long time working in high temperature. The GD vibration marking machine equipment has simple operation and high efficiency etc. It meets the requirement of various road condition and measures up to international norms. The road marks made by it can resist transformation, abrasion and strikes. 
■ Application
1. Express way: edge line of the express way, diversion line, decelerating line near the toll booth and turns in the road.
2. City road: edge line of the city road, double yellow line, cross road, sharp turn, entrance and exit of ramp, decelerating line in front of the gates of schools, enterprises and institutions.
3. National roads, provincial and country roads: continuous declivity slope section, sharp turn preparation section, decelerating line before divaricating road, edge line and single yellow line in all sections. 
■ Features
1. Computer motherboards (SIEMENS Germany)
2. Show controller (SIEMENS Germany)
3. GD vibration marking machine main driving box of hydraulic movement (EATON USA)
4. Gasoline (HONDA Japan)
5. Pneumatic engine (Italy)
6. Electronic valve (Italy)
7. Rotary encoder (Japan)
8. The wheels adopted pure rubber materials

The raised line features:

1. Compulsory deceleration: remind the driver to slow down in dangerous section such as turn and slopes.
2. Reminding by shakes: remind and warn the drivers who drive in fatigue or absent minded.
3. Glistening in rainy days: Mark driving safe with clearer visuality.
4. Anti-slippery: Magnify the friction with road and slow down the vehicle. 
■ Technical data
Coat capacity 120kg (60L)
Glass bead capacity 10kg
Engine Honda liquid engine, OHV4 stoke
Engine power 163cc, 5.5HP
Fuel Gasoline/petrol or liquid gas
Walk drive mode Automatic oil and infinitely variable speed
Walk speed ≥400m/h
Max. slope allowed 15°
Height of projection 3-5mm
Width of marking 150/200/300mm
Dimension 1360*900*1100mm
Weight 265kg
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