GRM Refractory Pan Mixer

Mixing capacity:
100kg, 250kg, 500kg
Rotating speed:
Motor Power:
Feeding Height:
Dimensions (mm):
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Technical data
■ Description
GRM refractory pan mixer is used to mix raw materials. Material obtained in the pan blenasonable, beautiful appearance, easy operation and made full mixing, thereby enhancing the mixing uniformity. using novel rotor structure, so that the minimum gap between the rotor and the housing can be adjusted to be close to zero, effectively reducing the amount of residual material.

500kg refractory pan mixer

Pan plate lined with polypropylene or stainless steel, and therefore not easy to stick material, wear resistance, the use of cycloid motor with a compact, easy to operate, stir, convenient discharge conveyor and so on. The overall structure is more reintenance. GRM refractory pan mixer all the work body fixed on the rack. The machine frame is made of quality carbon steel plate, channel steel welded together. And adopted a rigorous product certification and specific technical requirements to achieve the purpose of use.
■ Application
GRM 100kg 250kg 300kg 500kg refractory pan mixer is used for mixing refractory materials, friction materials, chemical matrials, precast concrete, mortar, aggregrate mixing and glass materials etc.

100kg 250kg 300kg 500kg refractory pan mixer

■ Features
1. Pan mixer;
2. Special designed for site operation;
3. Fast mixing speed and homogenous;
4. Compact structure;
5. Comfortable feeding height;
6. Easy to move;
7. With bag breaker;
8. Water spray nozzles;
9. Low maintenance cost.

Pan mixer

■ Technical data
Item GRM100 GRM250 GRM500
 Mixing capacity  100kg Refractory Pan Mixer  250kg Refractory Pan Mixer  500kg Refractory Pan Mixer
Rotating speed  33rpm  34rpm  36rpm
 Motor Power  4kw  7.5kw  11kw
 Feeding Height  1100mm  1200mm  1300mm
 Dimensions (mm)  1400x1300x1100  1480x1380x1230  1700x1250x1350
Weight 550kg 650kg 1010kg
Note: Technical data may change due to technical progress, subject to modification without notice.

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