GZ-3ER/S Electrical refractory gunning machine

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Technical data
■ Description
GZ-3ER/S Electrical refractory gunning machine is specifically designed for refractory dry-mix shotcrete applications, as well as for concrete shotcrete application. With this GZ-3ER/S, you can get low dust and high performance spraying flow in nozzle. Compared with our market popular GZ-3ER refractory gunning machine, this GZ-3ER/S is a new version gunning machine.

Details of GZ-3ER/S Electrical refractory gunning machine:


Gaodetec Equipment is electrical refractory gunning machine manufacturer and supplier:

refractory gunning machine manufacturer and supplier

■ Application
GZ-3ER/S Electrical refractory gunning machine is widely used for lining kilns, boilers, furnaces and concrete building repair.

Electrical refractory gunning machine application

The refractory dry gunning process has been used to repair, and installation of industrial melting and firing new facilities, blast furnace lining, spoon, and casting facilities, as well as petroleum and cement production factories reline, are some of the applications used professional wet and dry shotcrete method, heat-resistant material. Spraying process of refractory gunning machine spraying effect allows the process downtime, and as this unique construction method of concrete production cycle, a portion of the other benefits of the daily work of "hot" installation of certain materials in the new installation.

GZ-3ER/S electric motor refractory gunning machine spraying effect:

refractory gunning machine spraying effect

■ Features
1. GZ-3ER/S Electrical refractory gunning machine is straight chamber rotor type refractory gunning machine.

straight chamber rotor type refractory gunning machine

2. Variable output electrical refractory gunning machine with variable-frequency drive

ABB variable-frequency drive gunning machine

refractory gunning machine with ABB variable-frequency drive

3. Bag cutter and high hopper with vibrator
4. Clean dust gun
5. Electric vibrator 

refractory gunning machine with bag cutter and high hopper with vibrator, clean dust gun, electric vibrator

6. Collect dust bag
7. Heavy-duty solid wheels

refractory gunning machine with collect dust bag and heavy-duty solid wheels

8. PLC integrated machine control/PLC
9. Electric control cabinet cover
10. Pneumatic master valve switch

Electric control cabinet cover refractory gunning machine

11. Sector rigid liner
12. Sector rotor body

refractory gunning machine with sector rigid liner and sector rotor body

13. Integrated water pump installation
14. Automatic lubrication pump

refractory gunning machine with automatic lubrication pump

15. Intelligent anti-clogging pipe system

Intelligent anti-clogging pipe system refractory gunning machine

16. Coupling and clamp, the coupling and clamp are optional as below:

Coupling and clamp of refractory gunning machine

 Electrical refractory gunning machine is equipped with pre-dampening light weight nozzle

refractory gunning machine with light weight nozzle

Features of new pre-dampening nozzle:
1. Low rebound, low dust
2. Reduce additive water amount.
3. Improve refractory compactness and strength.

18. Blast rubber hose

Blast rubber hose of refractory gunning machine

19. Refractory gunning machine with high pressure water pump, 7bar pressure make sure to add water fully atomize, mix evenly.

High pressure water pump

■ Technical data
GZ-3ER/S Electrical refractory gunning machine specification (with Electric motor drive): 

Electrical refractory gunning machine for sale

3m3/h electric refractory gunning machine

1. Automatically to clean delivery line blockage; PLC+VFD+Air pressure sensor.
2. Sector hole to replace the circle hole in the rotor to improve the volume of the rotor and to decrease friction area, then with the same output, the rotor speed will be lower to improve the work life of rubber sealing plate and keep the motor power lower. 
3. The combination of gunning machine and high pressure water, it is easy to move.
4. To add automatic lubricator to the rubber seal plate to make the work life of wear parts longer and make the motor power lower.
Rotor volume 6.3L
Rotor speed 4-8r/min
Max. output 1.5-3m3/h
Max. horizontal conveying distance 200m
Max. aggregate size Φ10mm
Conveying hose inner diameter 38/32mm
Operating air pressure 0.2-0.4MPa(29-58PSI)
Air consumption                6~7m3/min(215-250CFM)
Material charging height 1.1m
Rotor motor  Power 4kW
Voltage 3 phase, 380V, 50Hz
Water pump Output:26L/min; Pumping head:70m; Motor:1.5KW
Automatic lubrication Volume 2L
Power 24V, 50W
Overall dimension(L×W×H)            1600×1000×1300mm
Weight 665KG

We can provide you with customized 1-5m3/h refractory gunning machine with electric motor or air motor, any need you can tell us freely, email address: info@gaodetec.com

5m3/h refractory gunning machine

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