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Use of prestressed hydraulic jack

2022-11-24 12:23:48

As we all know, the prestressed hydraulic jack has been widely used in various places and has been loved by the masses. It needs to be checked before use, because only in this way can there be no accidents during the use of the prestressed hydraulic jack If so, what checks are needed? Let me give you a brief introduction to the relevant knowledge points of prestressed hydraulic jack.

use of prestressed hydraulic jack

Before the prestressed hydraulic jack is used, it is necessary to pay attention to the importance of inspection, check whether the prestressed hydraulic jack is working normally, whether the parts are damaged, etc. The prestressed hydraulic jack has a simple structure, simple and flexible operation, and one person can complete the work. Of course, the precondition is to pay attention to correct and standardized work, so as to prevent accidents and risks in the work. If several prestressed hydraulic jacks are required to lift at the same time, in addition to placing the prestressed hydraulic jacks correctly, multi-top diverter valves should be used, and the load of each hydraulic jack should be balanced, and attention should be paid to keep the lifting speed synchronous. It is also necessary to consider the possible subsidence of the ground due to uneven weight, so as to prevent the danger of being tilted due to the weight being lifted.

prestressed hydraulic jack

The relevant knowledge points about the prestressed hydraulic jack are introduced here first, if you want to buy a prestressed hydraulic jack, please contact us directly, email:

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