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Foam generator cost

2022-11-09 23:33:09

Today a customer from PHILIPPINES inquiried us about foam generator, he wanted to get the foam generator details and how much does it cost to send to philippines.

foam generator for sale

We are a manufacturer, supplier and exporter of foam generators, foam agents and foam concrete machines from China. We have more than 20 years of experience in manufacturing. Small size, simple operation, easy to carry GR5 foam generator is durable and easy maintain and can produce rich and continuous foam.

Foam generator cost

GR5 foam generator is an airtight container for mixing air, foaming agent and water. The foam machine includes an air compressor. Because it requires high pressure air to mix the material well and then create a foam.

Feature of GR5 foam generator:
1. Foaming machine is a kind of equipment that can produce a certain concentration of foaming agent aqueous solution. The foam generator itself cannot generate foam.


2. Inhale the air, disperse the air evenly in the foaming agent aqueous solution, make the surface active substance of the foaming agent form an electric double layer, surround the air on the surface of the liquid film, and finally form bubbles.
3. Blowing agent and blowing agent are an interactive technical system and cannot work alone.

Technical data of GR5 foam generator for sale:

foam generator technical data

If you want to buy a foam generator and get a foam generator price, welcome to send inquiry to us, please don't hesitate to contact us, chat directly or send a message or send an email to

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