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GHG-10 Grouting Cement Small Grout Pump

Rated output:
Rated working pressure:
10 bar
Cylinder diameter:
Piston stroke:
Inlet dia.:
Outlet dia.:
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Technical data
■ Description
GHG-10 hand grout pump is a manual small grout pump used for small grout project. GHG-10 grouting cement small grout pump is a small size, light weight, easy to move and manual operation.The manual grouting pump machine grouting speed and flow can be arbitrarily controlled, mainly used for coal mines, underground explosion-proof places, grouting tunnels, mines, highways, etc.

You can choose this small manual cement grout pump with or without hopper:

small manual cement grout pump

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■ Application
GHG-10 grouting cement small grout pump is mainly applied in grouting cement mortar or other similar mortar, this manual cement grout pump is specialized in spraying leakage-proof repair on small area such as bridge engineering and house construction.
1. The use of fly ash slurry in a power plant.
2. Hand grout pump in the water conservancy project, it is used to reinforce the dam.
3. Grouting cement small grout pump in building, for horizontal and vertical conveying mortar.
4. Cement small grout pump in prestressed construction projects, for mortar injection expansion.
5. Grouting cement grout pump in highway pavement maintenance, grouting is used for cement pavement collapse.
6. Cement grout pump used for grouting in national defense and civil air defense engineering and mine tunnel construction.
7. Small grout pump in chemical industry and papermaking industry, conveying slurry raw materials and waste materials.
8. Manual grout pump in metallurgy, steel and other industries, it is used to maintain grouting for blast furnace and other equipments.
9. Grouting cement inject pumps grouting reinforcement for bridges, culverts and slope protection in railway and highway construction.

Clean the machine and hose thoroughly with water every time finishing work:
a. Plug inlet hose into water tank, sway back and forth until clean water flows out of it;
b. Stir the steel ball with steel wire, let the water inside the piston flow out of inlet;
c. Slope the machine to 90°, let the water in the epicoele of steel ball flow out of outlet.
■ Features
1. Grouting cement small grout pump has simple structure.
2. Hand grout pump is easy to use and maintain.
3. Single cylinder working and ball vavle direct changing, repair and maintain easily.
4. Manual grout pump is with small volume and light weight, convenient for moving.
5. Manual grouting, flow controllable.
■ Technical data
Rated output 0-10L/min
Rated working pressure 10 bar
Cylinder diameter 110mm
Piston stroke 40mm
Inlet dia. 32mm
Outlet dia. 19mm
Dimension 980*290*590mm
Weight 40kg
Chassis Skid
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