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GGP120/30PI-E Electric grout pump

Driven way:
Hydraulic system working pressure:
Hydraulic system number of reciprocation:
42 times
Piston pump cylinder diameter:
Piston pump piston stroke:
Piston pump displacement @ pressure:
120L/min @ 3MPa
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Technical data
■ Description
GGP120/30PI-E Electric grout pump is driven by electric motor, which is the power for hydraulic system, and it is designed to perform from one job to the next with low maintenance.

electric grout pump manufacturer

GGP120/30PI-E Electric grout pump is suitable for grouting water, cement, bentonite and fine-grained materials. maximum.

The symmetrically designed piston pump realizes the continuity of suction and discharge through reciprocating movement of hydraulic cylinder. At the same time, the closed cavity can generate high pressure, so that the mud can be injected with a certain pressure to complete the shotcrete action. Electric grout pump is suitable for processing various products, including pure cement, PFA cement and sand cement grouting. Simple structure, light weight, convenient maintenance, continuous output of small pulses, stable performance, convenient operation and long service life.

electric grouting pump

grout pump details

details of electric grout pump

■ Application
GGP120/30PI-E Electric grout pump for sale is mainly used for ground / underground construction, such as highways, railways, water and electricity, construction, mining etc. 

grout pump application

Grouting includes separation grouting, buried pipe grouting, low slump mortar grouting, column bag grouting, etc. Grouting can greatly increase the bearing capacity of the foundation soil and increase the passive earth pressure of the soil in the retaining wall. But it is not obvious to improve the lateral deformation resistance of soil. The electric motor grout pump is very important in grouting engineering.
■ Features
1. Double cylinders piston pump to ensure the continuous slurry flowing (small pulse) and not easily leaking compared with the double acting piston pump.
2. Hydraulic system is equipped with oil temperature protection system in this electric powered grout pump.
3. Both hydraulic air and water cooler.
4. Grouting pressure and displacement can be adjusted steplessly;
5. Electric grout pump with PLC and HMI control.
6. Solid State Relay.

Details of GGP120/30PI-E Electric grout pump:
control cabinet of electric grout pump hydraulic tank of electric grout pump
piston pump water cooler of electric grout pump
motor + gear pump of electric grout pump air cooler of electric grout pump
■ Technical data
Specification (with electric motor drive) of electric grout pump:
Driven way Electricity
  Working pressure 10MPa
Hydraulic system Number of reciprocation 42 times
  Cylinder diameter 110mm
  Piston stroke 160mm
Piston pump Displacement @ pressure 120L/min @ 3MPa
  Power 15kW
Motor  Voltage 3 phase, 380V/415V/440V, 50Hz
Overall Dimension(L×W×H)       1700×945×920mm
Weight 740kg
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