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GP Series Pneumatic Grout Pumps

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Technical data
■ Description
2GP series pneumatic grout pumps are driven by compressed air, thus this pump can safely use in the large water drenching and high gas/firedamp places. It can be blocked for a long time and has no heating problem. This pump transmits pressure signals by working medium (slurry and compressed air) to form closed-loop automatic control function, therefore the pump is simple in structure, can regulate timely and accurately, and has no overpressure problem. The shift device of this pump has feature with air pressure automatic location, thus this pump works with safety and reliability. This pump has the function of automatic regulating output according to the pre-seted grouting final pressure.  
■ Application
Pnuematic grout pump can safely use in the large water drenching and high gas/firedamp places , can grout simple-liquid, dual-liquid and chemical grout.  
■ Features
Low noise
can keep working continuously for 24 hours
safety and reliability
Simple maintenance and Long life 
■ Technical data
Technical Sheet
0.5m³ ,0.7m³(portable) , 1.5m³ pneumatic dual-slurry grout pump,3.0m³ pneumatic dual-slurry grout pump
air consumption (m³/min) air pressure (MPa) overall dimension(m) weight (kg) Slurry and Sodium silicate ratio
0.5 0.2~0.63 0.6x0.3x0.4 18 1:1
0.7   0.8x0.4x0.7 41 1:1~1:0.75
1.5   1.3x0.5x1.0 83 1:1~1:0.5
3   1.3x0.6x1.2 110 1:1~1:0.5
Accessories Suction hose,filter, delivery hose, junction device, tools, sealing parts bit. Optional: thickness slurry hopper, hole plug, mixture ratio regulator, baume gauge.
air consumption (m³/min) Model Rated output Rated pressure(MPa)
    L/min M3/h  
0.5m³(portable) 2GP10/5 10 0.6 5
0.7m³(portable) ☆2GP50/4 50 3.0 4
  ☆2GP24/10 24 1.44 10
1.5m³ ☆2GP130/3 130 7.8 3.5
  ☆2GP96/5 96 5.78 5
  ☆2GP70/7 70 4.2 7
  ☆2GP40/11 40 2.4 11
3.0m³ ☆2GP150/6 150 9.0 6
  ☆2GP110/8 110 6.6 8
  ☆2GP80/11 80 4.8 11
  ☆2GP50/19 50 3.0 19
  ☆2GP30/30 30 1.8 30
Those which marked with " ☆" are commonly grout pump types in coal mine , and have passed MA certificate.
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