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GMA1500-1200E Turbo mix grout mixer with agitator

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Agitator Volume:
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Technical data
■ Description
GMA1500-1200E Turbo mix grout mixer with agitator is combination consist of a steel sheet cylindrical mixer tank heavy-duty slurry pump and agitator tank, set-up on a strong base frame. This turbo mix grout mixer and agitator is equipped with an automatic control system that can automatically control the operation of the equipment. The slurry is mixed through a high speed vortex produced by a special pump which, after sucking the material from the bottom of the mixer tank, sends it back tangentially into the same tank in order to get highest possible efficiency. By this process it is possible to obtain homogeneous colloidal and high quality mixtures within a very short period of time.
After mixing, the mixtures are pumped into the agitator tank with slow speed mixing paddles by the above same pump.
When all the mixture in the mixing tank is pumped out, press the discharge completion button to start the next cycle of pulping.

Details of GMA1500-1200E Turbo Mix Grout Mixer:
Large turbo mixer and agitator structure Turbo mixer and agitator details
Large turbo mixer and agitator structure Turbo mixer and agitator details
Touch screen intelligent control equipment Intelligent control

touch screen intelligent control equipment

intelligent control turbo mixer agitator

Electric control cabinet of grout mixer Electric control cabinet

electric control cabinet of grout mixer

electric control cabinet

■ Application
GMA1500-1200E turbo mix grout mixer and agitator is mainly used in compounding the cement grout. It can combine with grouting pump, it can grout with pressure in  tunnels, mining, culvert, subway, dam foundations, soil compaction, soil & rock grouting, waterproofing, soil anchors, rock bolts, encasements, post tensioning and hydro power engineering, underground excavation engineering etc. There is no grout pump on this GMA1500-1200E turbo mix grout mixer and agitator. All components of this turbo mixer agitator are easily accessible for operating, cleaning and maintenance.
■ Features
Main Features of turbo grout mixer for sale:
1. Automatic control, simple operation, saving labor, great reliability;
2. High speed mixing and high efficiency to achieve continuous mixing;
3. This colloidal grout turbo mixer simple structure, easy assemble;
4. This turbo grout mixer has less spare parts, low maintenance.
■ Technical data
Model GMA1500-1200E turbo mix grout mixer
Output 15~18m3/h
Mixer Volume 1500L
Agitator Volume 1200L
Motor Power 15+3 Kw
Mixer/Agitator Dimension 2230×2340×2630mm
Weight 2230kg
Operating platform Dimension 2210×1200×2010mm
Weight 220kg
We reserve the right to change technical specifications without prior notice.

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