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GM400D high speed grout mixer

Tank Capacity:
W/C Ratio:
Mixing time:
Outlet pressure:
Impeller speed:
Diesel Power:
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Technical data
■ Description
GM400D high speed grout mixer description:
GM400D high speed grout mixer is a high speed grout mixer. The cement grout mixer has been designed for use either in conjunction with a conventional paddle mixer and pump or, by virtue of its own built in impeller pump, as a stand-alone mix and place machine. The high speed grout mixer unit will rapidly and efficiently mix various types of grout which can include cement, bentonite and sand. It is specially design for cement mixing and grouting in ground and underground engineering. We also can design the mixer with agitator, to make the mixing work can continuously be done.

Details of high speed grout mixer:

high speed grout mixer

■ Application
Application of GM400D high speed diesel grout mixer agitator:
GM400D high speed diesel grout mixer agitator is specially designed for cement mixing and grouting in ground/underground engineering. We also can design the mixer with agitator separately, to make the mixing work continuously.

high speed diesel grout mixer cases

■ Features
Features of diesel cement grout mixer agitator:
1. High speed mixing.
2. High-efficiency(3min).
3. Simple structure, lightweight, easy maintenance.
4. No wearing parts.
5. High speed mixer and agitator has diesel engine drive.
■ Technical data
GM400D diesel agitating mixer technical data:
Item Technical data
Tank Capacity 400L
W/C Ratio 0.45
Mixing time 3min
Outlet pressure 1bar
Impeller speed 1500rpm
Diesel Power 10Hp
Diesel rotating speed 2200rpm
Dimension 1650*1600*1200mm
Weight 300kg
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