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GF5 foaming concrete brick machine

Max. theoretical concrete put(m³/h):
Motor power(kw):
Theoretical vertical conveying height(m):
Theoretical level transmission distance(m):
Mixer tank capacity(L):
Filling height(mm):
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Technical data
■ Description
GF5 foaming concrete brick machine is designed for compact construct, small volume, easy to move. Pumping, foaming and mixing system are assembled as a whole body, very convenient to use. This CLC foam concrete machine adopts single phase motor as power. The power is moderate, and GF5 CLC concrete machine is very convenient for family construction. 

Our foam concrete machine can mix and pump variable materials, such as cement, fly ash, sand pulp, sand stone, perlite, and slag etc. Storage in its bottom is less than 10 mm, no material left on the four walls internal the mixing drum. Variable speed mixing and internal structure alteration make its installation easy and mixing frequency high, it saves energy very much.

In view of foam concrete machine have a high efficiency working in house building project, lightweight, environment protect and save cost, now it is a good choice for many house project.

Full set GF5 foaming concrete machine:

 Full set foam concrete machine:

■ Application
CLC foam concrete machine appliation:
CLC Foam concrete machine has become widely used in the construction industry, mostly for cast-in-situ applications in roof slopes, floor levelling and insulating layers of wall constructions, as well as for any kind of void filling (mines, tunnels, road basements, ground stabilization, land reclamation and others), owing to its free-flowing properties, excellent heat-insulating characteristics, low density and affordable strength values.

foaming concrete block machine

1. Lightweight concrete machine can be used for providing insulating layer on the floor. It can adjust the density according the mix design from 250-1600kg/m3.
2. CLC block machine can used for roof insulation of refrigerated storage space. Besides, it can be used for filling tunnel and mined.
3. CLC making machine can be used for producing foam concrete panel and CLC block.

CLC foam concrete machine appliation

■ Features
Features of cellular concrete machine:
1. Cellular concrete machine with simple in operation, low cost and easy to move.
2. Foamed concrete machine mixing system, foam generator and pump are designed into a whole machine.
3. Continuous feeding of material, low power requirement and high pumping height.

Details of foaming concrete machine:

Details of foaming concrete machine

Details of foam concrete machine

■ Technical data
Model GF5 foaming concrete brick machine
Max. theoretical concrete put(m³/h) 5
Motor power(kw) 7.7
Theoretical vertical conveying height(m) 40
Theoretical level transmission distance(m) 300
Mixer tank capacity(L) 200
Filling height(mm) 880
Overall dimension(mm) 2100*1340*1390
Total weight(kg) 910

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