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GM1000 Foam Concrete Block Making Machine

Material input volume:
Mixing speed :
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Technical data
■ Description
GM1000 Foam Concrete Block Making Machine is formed by put cement and water into a slurry mixing and then mix them in a certain proportion, press them into transmission pipelines through hydraulic cylinder; According to a certain proportion foam mixed with water and then mixed with compressed air by the high-pressure pump; In the pipeline it form the high-density foam and meticulous, at last form the foam cement with the slurry in the pipeline. And the foam concrete slurry could be used for making blocks, cast-in-situ wall, foundation pit filling, tunnel filling, platform backfilling etc.
■ Application
1. External wall thermal insulation; 
2. Thermal insulation roofing; 
3. Thermal flooring; 
4. Upstanding beam foundation ditches filling; 
5. Sound insulation and fire protection walls; 
6. Playground and track construction;
7. Sound insulation layer, tunnel lining filling; 
8. Cellar, basement and arch filling; 
9. Sewers and Drains filling; 
10. Horizontal floor heightening; 
11. Water tank and fuel tank building; 
12. Platform filling and mending; 
13. Garden and rockeries; 
14. Foam concrete block; 
15. Foamed concrete precasting ,hollow wallboard casting.
■ Features
1. It could mixing variable materials, such as cement, fly ash, sand pulp, sand stone, perlite, and slag etc;
2. Specially mixing blades, mixing the material toughly, storage in its bottom is less than 10mm, no material left on the four walls internal the mixing drum;
3. Variable speed mixing and internal structure alteration make its installation easy and mixing frequency high, it saves energy.
■ Technical data
Model GM1000
Max.Output 5m3/h
Material input volume 1000L
Mixing speed  6-8min/batch
Mixer motor power 1.5kw
Max. Particle Size of Aggregates 8mm

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