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Multi-layer stainless steel frame filter

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Technical data
■ Description
Multi-layer stainless steel frame filter press is used for solid-liquid separation of a variety of suspension. Stainless steel filter press is applied widely in pharmacy industry, food and beverage industry, wine and beer making, chemical industry, water processing, textile industry, environment protection, and so on. The suspension is pumped into every closed room, under pressure, filtrate go through filter layers, discharge from outlet, leaving residue in the frames to form into filter cakes.
The equipment is multi-layer plate frame filter, which is applicable to the process operation with the requirements of fine filtration and semi-fine filtration such as purification, sterilization and defecation with sealed filtration in the liquid with low viscosity and little slagging content under the concentration of 50%.

Plate & frame:

Plate & frame of Multi-layer stainless steel frame filter

Our factory:

Multi-layer stainless steel frame filter manufacturer

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multi-layer stainless steel frame filter equipment

■ Application
Multi-layer stainless steel frame filter press is applied widely in suspension for a variety of solid-liquid separation for a wide range of applied medicine, food, chemical, environmental protection, water treatment, electronic, textile, electroplating and other related industries.
By directly adopting microporous filtration film, multi-layer stainless steel frame filter can realize the sterile filtration without passing the microporous film. The equipment has characteristics such as large filtration area, large flow and wide applicable range, so multi-layer stainless steel frame filter equipment is widely used in the fields of pharmacy, chemical industry and food etc. The effect will be better if used for filtration of injection liquid medicine in pharmacy factories.
■ Features
Stainless Steel Plate Frame Filter Features:
1. Sheet filters are made of SUS304 high quality stainless steel directly, sus304 for 316L.
2. Thread-like filter plate, user could adopt different filter mediums according to different needs. User could change the number of layers according to filtration yield. According to client requirements, the sheet filter plate frame size can be made to be round plate frame or square ones.
3. Sheet filter plate and frame size can be size from 100mm inner side diameter to 600mm diameter, if need bigger size, then we can made the filter plate and frame separately.
4. All the sheet filter plate and frame of our multi-layer stainless steel frame filter press will be added good quality, long service time Si O-rings, good sealing ability and less figure size changing.
5. All the sheet filter frame are made from compact design, less room occupation, by plastic or polypropylene wheels under the sheet filter frame, the sheet filter can be moved to any working places for work, no fixed working spot requirements and no foundation requirements as the big PP plate and frame filter presses.
6. The feeding pump for the sheet filters are centrifugal PP pump, pneumatic pump, screw pump, gear pump etc., according to different feeding material requirements.
7. Filtering medias can use filter membranes, which made from PE material, filter cloth(various kind according to different filtering pressure, temperature etc.) filter paper and fiber sheets.
8. Filtering under pressure sealing, no loss of material liquid, high liquid clarity. Multi-level filtering system is optional for customize. All sealing parts adopt silicone rubber seals, nice sealing performance with heat-resisting, non-toxic, non-leakage. Reflux system is optional for customize.
■ Technical data
Model Layer Filtering area(m²) Filter size(mm) Filter media(um) Filter pressure(Mpa) Water flow(t/h) Motor power(kw) Dimensions(mm³)
100 10 0.078 100 0.8 0.15 0.8 0.55 600x300x600
150  10 0.17  150  0.8  0.15  1.5  0.75  650x380x650 
200  10  0.34  200  0.8  0.15  1.1  650x400x700 
300  10  0.7  300  0.8  0.15  1.1  700x500x800 
400 10 1.25 400 0.8 0.15 6 1.1 1100x600x1000
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