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DTH High pressure drill bit

Bit Shank Series:
Bit Size (mm):
90; 110;105
Splines Quantity:
Matchable Hammer Model:
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Technical data
■ Description
DTH bit is our company main product. After many years search, we have rich experience in development and manufacture which adopted high-quality raw materials, advanced craft technology and passed through strictly inspection, manufacturing high quality products.

We can supply you with drill DTH drilling tools with high, medium and low air pressure, symmetric drilling tools, eccentric drilling tools, standardized API system casing tube, button bit, bit shank & adaptor of which are fit for hydraulic drilling equipment.

DTH drilling button bit

Our DTH High pressure drill bit has passed the ISO9001 quality management system and are widely used in open pit mining, tunnels, quarrying, transportation construction, engineering, earthwork excavation, water wells, pile foundations, civil engineering and other fields. We are one of the companies with the most complete product lines, the most abundant varieties and the most widely used products in the drilling industry.
■ Application
Wide range of DTH High pressure drill bit uses:
The drill bit is suitable for soft and hard carbonate rock, limestone, chalk, claystone, siltstone, sandstone, etc. Each drill is made from high quality alloy steel and is precision machined to produce a perfect body, heat treated to the desired hardness and given surface compression for fatigue resistance. These are designed for specific applications for all rock types, hardness and conditions.

rock mining drill bit

■ Features
1. High and low air pressure down-the-hole drill bits.
2. Low air pressure hole Dia.: 65-220mm.
3. High air pressure hole Dia.: 85-305mm.
4. Face type: concave/convex/flat.
5. Bit Shank Series: COP, DHD, QL, SD, Mission, TD, BR etc.
6. Button Shape: Dome/Spherical, Ballistic
■ Technical data
Bit head design and selection:
Different face style makes DTH drill bit is suitable for various rock conditions.
Flat face: This is an universal design, especially for hard and abrasive rock formation. So typically, flat face with hemi-spherical buttons design is the most popular choice.
Convex face: A classic design for soft to medium hard rock formation which is not so abrasive. This design have very excellent penetration rate but poor in hole deviation if rocks are hard.
Concave face: Medium hard to hard rock formations which is less abrasive and fractured. Especially for deep hole drilling, excellent control over hole deviation.

Bit head design and selection

Bit Head Face Type Application
Flat Front Spherical Flat Front Spherical For drilling in hard and abrasive rock
 Flat Front Spherical + Ballistic Flat Front Spherical + Ballistic For drilling in medium-hard to hard and moderately abrasive rock
 Convex Front Spherical + Ballistic Convex Front Spherical + Ballistic For drilling in medium-hard to hard and moderately abrasive rock
 Convex Front Ballistic Convex Front Ballistic For drilling at high penetration rates in nonabrasive rock
 Concave front Spherical Concave Front Spherical For drilling in medium-hard, minimum hole deviation control

Bit Shank Series Bit Size (mm) Splines Quantity Matchable Hammer Model
DHD3.5 90; 110;105 8 TND-IR3.5
DHD340A 108; 115; 121; 127; 130 8 TND-IR340
DHD350R 140; 148; 152 8 TND-IR350
DHD360 155; 159; 165; 178; 190; 203 8 TND-IR360
DHD380 194; 203; 216; 219; 222; 254; 270; 305 10 TND-IR380
QL40 108; 115; 121; 127; 130 10 TND-QL40
QL50 140; 148; 152 12 TND-QL50
QL60 155; 159; 165; 178; 190; 203 12 TND-QL60
QL80 194; 203; 216; 219; 222; 254; 270; 305 16 TND-QL80
SD4 108; 115; 121; 127; 130 8 TND-SD4
SD5 140; 148; 152 8 TND-SD5
SD6 155; 159; 165; 178; 190; 203 8 TND-SD6
SD8 194; 203; 216; 219; 222; 254; 270; 305 8 TND-SD8
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