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XDQ-1200 Full Hydraulic Portable Diamond Wireline Core Drilling Rig

Drilling capacity:
BQ dia.: 55.6mm depth: 1200m, NQ dia.: 71mm depth: 900m, HQ dia.: 89mm depth: 600m
diesel engine (Perkins 403D-15T)
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Technical data
■ Description
XDQ-1200 Full Hydraulic Portable Diamond Wireline Core Drilling Rig is used specifically for the mountainous areas of solid mineral surface coring operation, and is designed with a variety of diamond core and rope core drilling techniques.  
■ Application
XDQ-1200 Full Hydraulic Portable Diamond Wireline Core Drilling Rig is applied to geology, metallurgy, coal, oil, natural gas, groundwater and other industries. The machine adopts modular design, easy for demolition, relocation and installation, saving time and effort. 
■ Features
1.Modular design, a single module is not more than 300 kg, easy to move, convenient to be used in small space.
2.R & D constant pressure control system while drilling, automatically setting constant drilling to improve drilling efficiency, quality assurance down the hole;
3.rig hydraulic system main components are imported brands, domestic brands in general component selection, the system is stable, reliable, long life;
4.uses electro-hydraulic power head gear shifting mode, continuously variable transmission can be realized in a certain range, and a 4-speed gearbox;
5.using direct-acting hydraulic system load feedback to fine-tune the variable power with load changes, high efficiency, and low energy consumption (the system has been successfully applied in various series on my factory rig);
6.Large power head torque, rotating speed, lifting speed, hydraulic systems and diesel engines with monitoring digital devices. 
■ Technical data

1.drilling capacity:



BQ dia. : 55.6mm depth: 1200m

NQ dia.: 71mm depth: 900m

HQ dia.: 89mm depth: 600m

2.mast/feed system:





Feed stroke: 1.7m

Feed speed: fast TO low, CVT

thrust: 60kN

pull: 120kN

drilling angle: 0-90 degree

3.auxiliary winch:





Hollowing Line pull: 12KN

Full drum pull: 4.5KN

speed(last layer): 100m/min

speed(full drum): 270m/min

rope capacity: 1200m/φ5mm









rotating speed:2600rpm

After cooled turbo diesel engine

5.hydraulic system:



Main pump flow/pressure:111L/min,28Mpa

Auxiliary pump flow/pressure:58L/min, 16Mpa


6.drill head:





spindle: φ94mm


Rotating speed(rpm)

Max torque(N.m)








7.hydraulic chuck:

type: spring closed hydraulic opened

force: 392kN

8.overall dimensions:

a. transporting: 3300*1000*1700mm(Approximately)

b. working: 2600*1000*6400mm(Approximately)



Rig removable module weight:




1.drill head:

a. Spindle gear box: 300Kg

b. gearbox: 180 Kg

2. Column:

a. main column: 130Kg

b. Side column: 80 Kg

3. Power head carriage: 55Kg

4. Lower bracket: 70Kg

5. Holder: 100 Kg

6. Base: 70Kg

7. Frame: 100Kg

8. Rope hoist: 300Kg

9. Power unit: 270Kg*3

10. Hydraulic Tank: 200 Kg

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