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GL-6000 Full Hydraulic Multifunctional Jet Grouting Anchor Engineering Drilling Rig

Drilling depth:
Max torque:
Ground treatment and stabilization with jet grouting, anchoring, casing and DTH drilling technique in multi-angle
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Technical data
■ Description
GL-6000 full hydraulic multifunctional jet grouting DTH anchor engineering drilling rig can be used for tungsten-carbide drilling, auger drilling, down-hole drilling, drilling with casing tube, rotating–jet and other drilling methods with jet grouting, anchoring, casing and DTH drilling technique in multi-angle.

■ Application
GL-6000 full hydraulic multifunctional jet grouting DTH anchor engineering drilling rig  can be used in the following projects: tunnel pipe-shed, deep excavation anchoring projects, road and dam consolidation projects, holes for ground-source heat pump, hydrological and well drilling, foundation piles and geological disasters control projects, etc.
■ Features
1.With multi-directional change-range mechanism, convenient to drill a series of holes with different heights and angles at the same position
2.High rotary torque and longer stroke, high drilling efficiency
3.With track chassis and rotary device, easy and speedy to move
4.With hydraulic rod clamp and twist device, reduce auxiliary operation time and labor intensity
5.The major components in hydraulic system adopt the imported brand with a stable, reliable system, and they all have a long service life
6.Top-drive head driven by hydraulic, Continuously Variable speed regulation
7.Variable hydraulic system with load feedback, low energy consumption
8.With display unit for rotating speed of top-drive head, lift speed and verticality of derrick, quickly and accurately to fix position
9.Provide different top-drive head types, meet varying drilling technology
10.The main unit performance: 
11. The hydraulic system adopts the direct dynamic fine-tuning variable load feedback system; 
12. The main valve adopts the Italian Bloch pooh brand; 
13. The main hydraulic pump is Italy Lishile joint technology
14. Walking motor uses the South Korean brand; 
15. Equipped with hydraulic gripper, which can automatically remove the drill pipe 
■ Technical data
Drilling depth 50-200m
Hole diameter Ф110-Ф400mm
Rod dia. Length (Ф60-Ф89)x2500mm
Top-drive head speed Low: 8-50.6r/min High: 16-101r/min
Torque of top-drive head 6000N.m~3000N.m
Stroke of top-drive head 3000mm
Feed thrust force of top-drive head 58KN
Pull force of top-drive head 110KN
Column slipping stroke 1200mm
Column pitch angle 120º
Column swing angle 0~90ºor ±40º
Drill boom pitch angle Elevation: 35 º Depression angle: 16º
Height of horizontal hole High: 3450mm Low: 450mm
Hydraulic system rated flow Main pump: 100L/min Minor pump: 30L/min 15L/min
Hydraulic system rated pressure Main pump: 21MPa Minor pump: 18MPa
Moving speed High: 5.06km/h Low: 2.6km/h
Climbing capacity 20º
Power Electric motor: 55kw Diesel motor: 56kw
Dimension(L*W*H) 5.6mx2mx2.93m
Weight 7900kg
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