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GL-4000 Full Hydraulic Crawler Jet Grouting Anchor DTH Drilling Rig

Drilling depth:
Max torque:
Ground treatment and stabilization with jet grouting, anchoring, casing and DTH drilling technique
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Technical data
■ Description
GL-4000 full hydraulic crawler jet grouting anchor DTH drilling rig is a kind of multifunctional drilling rig designed and manufactured for jet grouting operation, DTH drilling and anchor rod hole drilling.
■ Application
GL-4000 full hydraulic crawler jet grouting anchor DTH drilling rig can be used for the foundation consolidation of railway, highway, abutment, and dam foundation; tunnel pipe-shed support, foundation pit support, slope protection, anchor rod hole drilling, leaking stoppage, soft foundation treatment, geological disaster government, and jet grouting. The upright is slide and meets the construction requirement of anchor rod. Drilling with casing tube could be completed by equipped with down hole hammer and overburden drilling system. 
■ Features
Pitch luffing mechanism, homework range
Variable hydraulic system with load feedback, low energy consumption
With display unit for rotating speed of top-drive head, lift speed and verticality of derrick, quickly and accurately to fix position
With track chassis and rotary device, easy and speedy to move
The major components in hydraulic system adopt the imported brand with a stable, reliable system, and they all have a long service life
Top-drive head driven by hydraulic, variable speed regulation, high efficiency 
■ Technical data
Max torque 4000N.m
Rotation speed of top-drive head (high)0-64r/min;(low)0-32r/min With high speed motor head: (high)0-376r/min;(low)0-165r/min
Stroke of top-drive head 3000mm
Drilling depth 100m
Rated pull force of top-drive head 50KN
Rated thrust force of top-drive head 20KN
Rod dia. 42mm;50mm;73mm;89mm
Fast lifting and thrust speed of top-drive head (jetting)0.06-0.9/1.8m/min
Lifting and dropping speed of top-drive head 0-16/0-28m/min
Power unit 30kw
Overall dimension Working: 3440x2401x5270;
Weight 5500kg
Main pump pressure 20MPa
Auxiliary pump pressure 20MPa
Column slipping stroke 1000mm
Climbing capacity 20 degree
Moving speed 1.5km/h
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