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JBT40 L2 Trailer concrete pump with forced mixer

JBT40 L2
The maximum theoretical delivery output:
The maximum theoretical mix output:
Main oil pump:
Domestic / Kawasaki 112
Mixer model:
JS 500
Main motor:
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Technical data
■ Description
Trailer concrete pump with forced mixer is combined by the traditional concrete pump and the mixer together. It achieves full automatic during concrete construction process.
■ Application
Convey floor heating lightweight foamed cement, mortar, fine aggregate concrete.
Convey greening soil in ecological environment construction.
Convey all kinds of engineering construction in the plain concrete, fiber concrete.
Most suitable for four to six floor buildings, especially in the group buildings, bridges and the small construction sites where need the concrete mixer at the scene.
■ Features
1. Innovation, mixer can be pushed and pulled, moving more safely.
2. Transfer concrete through pipeline. It is fast and safe.
3. It has small size and suitable for more special environment.
4. Optional part: cement boom, wireless remote control. This is easy to operate.
5. Compulsive mixing, high quality, high efficiency.
6. Optional batching machine, setting up the materials faster, Well-proportioned and efficient.
■ Technical data
Parameters JBT40 L2 Trailer concrete pump
Main oil pump Domestic / Kawasaki 112
Mixer model JS 500
The maximum theoretical delivery output 40m3/h
The maximum theoretical mix output 28m3/h
Vertical pumping distance 70m
Horizontal pumping distance 300m
Main oil cylinder / Rod * Stroke 100*70*800
Distribution valve type S valve
Main motor 37kw
Outlet pressure 7Mpa
Hydraulic system type Open system
Oil Cylinder * Rod * Stroke 100*70*100
Delivery Cylinder * Stroke 200*1000
Hopper Capacity * Filling Height 600*1050
Motor voltage 380V
Hoist motor 5.5kw
Mixing motor 18.5kw
Concrete Outlet Diameter 200mm
Max. aggregate size Pebble 40mm; Crushed stone:30
Weight 5300kg

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