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HBT-E series electric concrete pump machine

Model :
HBT-E series
Theoretical concrete output (m³/h):
Theoretical concrete pumping pressure (Mpa):
Theoretical vertical conveying distance (m):
Theoretical horizontal conveying distance (m):
Slump (cm):
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Technical data
■ Description
HBT-E series electric concrete pump machine  is consist of pump, hydraulic system and pipeline, it could convey ready concrete under pressure through the pipeline continuously and it mainly used in the building, bridge and tunnel construction.

System introduction:

I. Hydraulic system
1. The products adopts double-pump and double-circuit open hydraulic system. The pumping hydraulic circuit and S valve swing post hydraulic circuit work separately, which makes the system simple, component life extension, higher reliability, and is easy to fault judgment and ruled out.
2. In view of the weaknesses of big reversing impact of start system, technology is used to pumping hydraulic system to control pilot relief, which avoids the reversing impact and makes the main pumping hydraulic system more reliable and stable.
3. Pumping hydraulic system has safety overflow protection. At the same time, when system is over pressure, oil pump pressure automatically cuts off the interception device to make the main pump obtain more reliable protection.
4. Swinging oil-way adopts constant pressure pump to supply oil. It has great swinging strength and energy-saving function.
5. All pipe line adopt taper sealing or rectangle sealing, and pipe joint sealing is reliable.

II. Electric control system
The outstanding features of electric control system is advanced technology, easy operation and high reliability.
1. 90% of the electric elements are supplied by Mitsubishi Japan, which guarantees high reliability.
2. Compared with the domestic similar products, the electric control system is most simple, with the minimum quantity of components and highest reliability. 
3. With wire remote control, it could be convenience to operate.
4. The adopted contactless commutation of proximity switch ensure the reversing reliable.

III. Mechanical (mixing) distributing valve system

1. The design of the main force-summing element, such as hopper and S valve, adopt the mechanical engineering mechanics calculating program. Through this subdivision mesh finite element calculation to its stress state, structure system, the condition of stress concentration, the hopper and S valve have good structure steel level and manufacturability, which is useful to avoid the phenomenon of hopper distortion and S valve broken in the condition of high-rise pumping.
2. The agitator has unique structure, which totally separates the hydraulic motor and agitator bearing block. It will not influence the hydraulic motor even if there is seal abrasion and slurry leak. Meanwhile, using single motor can avoid the agitator’s mixing torque out of sync caused by bi-motor under the condition of the concrete material abnormal.
3. The service life of wearing parts such as spectacle plate and cutting ring is long after continuous technical research. On the best pumping condition, it can pump 20000m3.

IV. Lubrication system
The lubrication system has concentrating automatic lubrication system; Pressure increment device and filter are fixed on output port of lubrication pump to ensure the lubrication system more reliable.

V. Cooling system
The big radiator equipment of forced cooling makes the working oil temperature of hydraulic system below 60°and ensures the host of the hydraulic system in a normal state.
■ Application
1) Conveying floor heating lightweight foamed cement, mortar, fine aggregate concrete
2) Conveying refractory and insulation materials
3) Conveying greening soil in ecological environment construction
4) Conveying all kinds of engineering construction in the plain concrete, fiber concrete
5) Pressure grouting of foundation pile
■ Features
1. For power system, domestic famous brand of motor is applied.
2. Using three pump system, oil hydraulic circuit work without interference on each other, small impact and high reliability.
3. With the function of anti-Pumping, it’s conducive to timely eliminate blocking pipe failure, and can stop work for a short period of time.
4. The adopted advanced S pipe distributing valve can automatically compensate the wear gap with a good sealing property.
5. Adopt wear-resisting alloy glass-like plate and cutting ring, longer service life.
6. Long stroke material cylinder has prolonged the service life of material cylinder and piston.
7. The optimal designed hopper has better casing capability and higher work efficiency.
8. Automatic centralized lubrication systems can ensure a effective lubrication to the machine.
9. The humanized design of products makes the operation more convenient and the maintenance more simple.
■ Technical data
Model No. HBT12-8E HBT15-10E HBT15-8E HBT20-10E HBT25-10E
Max. theoretical concrete output (m³/h) 10-12 15-18 7 15 9 20 16 25
Max. theoretical concrete pumping pressure (Mpa) 8 10 8 4.5 10 5.5 10 5.5
Theoretical vertical conveying distance (m) 40-45 110 110 130 130
Theoretical horizontal conveying distance (m) 150 300 300 350 350
Max. Aggregate particles
φ76mm 10 12 25 25 25
φ89mm       30 30
Slump (cm) 12-23 12-23 12-23 12-23 12-23
Concrete tube conveying diameter (mm) φ76 φ76 φ76 φ76/φ89 φ76/φ89
 Cylinder  (pieces) 2 2 2 2 2
Concrete cylinder diameter*route Φ140×700 Φ140×700 Φ140×700 Φ140×700 Φ140×700
Oil tank volume (L) 100 100 120 180 220
Filling height (mm) 950 950 950 1000 1000
Hopper volume (m³) 0.3 0.3 0.34 0.35 0.35
Rated electric power 22KW 30KW 22KW 30KW 37KW
Overall dimension (L×W×H) (mm) 2300*1300*1410 2800*1300*1500 3380*1270*1245 3400*1420*1620 3770*1420*1620
Total weight (kg) 1200 1300 1480 1680 2100

Model No. HBT30-10E HBT35-11E HBT40-13E HBT60-13E HBT80-13E
Max. theoretical concrete output (m³/h) 20 30 23 35 24 42 37 62 50 85
Max. theoretical concrete pumping pressure (Mpa) 10 5.5 11 6.8 13 6.8 13 6.8 13 6.8
Theoretical vertical conveying distance (m) 130 150 170 150 150
Theoretical horizontal conveying distance (m) 350 400 450 400 400

Max. Aggregate particles 

φ76mm 25

φ89mm 30 30

35 35

φ133mm     40 40 40

45 45
Slump (cm) 12-23 12-23 12-23 12-23 12-23
Concrete tube conveying diameter (mm) φ76/φ89 φ89/φ108 φ108/φ133 φ133/φ150 φ133/φ150
 Cylinder  (pieces) 2 2 2 2 2
Concrete cylinder diameter*route Φ140×1000 Φ140×1000 Φ180×1400 Φ200×1600 Φ200×1800
Oil tank volume (L) 220 240 320 550 550
Filling height (mm) 1000 1100 1200 1400 1400
Hopper volume (m³) 0.4 0.4 0.5 0.6 0.6
Rated electric power 45KW 45KW 55KW 90KW 110KW
Overall dimension (L×W×H) (mm) 3770*1420*1620 3990*1670*1650 4300*1670*1680 5400*1882*1965 5400*1882*1965
Total weight (kg) 2200 2900 3200 5200 5600
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