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The application of shotcrete machine


Shotcrete machine is devided into wet mix shotcrete machine and dry mix shotcrete machine according to the different produce process.

For wet mix shotcrete machine, the spraying soil, cement, stone need first be mixed with water in the mixer, and then pure the mixing concrete into the hopper of shotcrete machine. While dry mix shotcrete machine, it add dry soil, cement, stone in the hopper of shotcrete machine, finally adding water in the nozzle.

Compared to dry mix shotcrete machine, wet mix shotcrete machine have more advantage, such as low rebound, low dust, having much higher strength.

For customers, low rebound can greatly save concrete materials, further more, it can give the customers more economic benefits.

Shotcrete machine is mainly used for spraying concrete in mining, tunnel, culvert, subway, hydopwer engineering, underground excavation engineering. 

Dry mix shotcrete machine

wet mix shotcrete machine