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High Pressure Jet Pump
High Pressure Jet Grouting Pump Application
GAODE Equipment high pressure jet grouting pump were widely used in jet grouting work. Because of high pressure, high flow, the jet grouting pump were applied on ground treatment and stabilization of railway.
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working site of filter press
Filter press for sludge treatment
A filter press is a set of vertical, juxtaposed recessed plates, presses against each other by hydraulic jacks at one end of the set.
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shotcrete swimming pool
Build Concrete Swimming Pool
Gaode Equipment shotcrete machine and Gunite machine were widely used to build swimming pools.
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foam concrete are used skillfully
Do you know that 8 kinds of foam concrete are used skillfully?
In recent years, foam concrete as a new type of environmentally friendly building materials, its unique lightweight, thermal insulation, fire retardant and other performance advantages are widely used in new wall materials.
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Semi-automatic Plastering Machine
GAODETEC N2 Semi-automatic Plastering Machine
GAODEREC N2 semi-automatic plastering machine is a small-size, wet-mixed mortar transfer pump. As a continuously working mixing machine, it is suitable for any type pump-able mortar based on cement, gypsum and insulating mortar.
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Small fine stone concrete pump
Small fine stone concrete pump features application
The traditional construction mortar pump can not transport fine stone concrete. To solve this problem, our engineers and technicians have accumulated many years of experience in the development of small concrete pump.
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Small concrete mixer machine
Small concrete mixer machine application
A concrete mixer is a powered device that mixes cement with water and aggregate, such as sand or gravel, to make concrete. Concrete mixers range from the very large commercial mixing truck to smaller type, portable concrete mixer sometimes called the “min
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pc strand pusher machine
User Manual of LS PC Strands Pusher Machine
PC strands pusher machine is a main tool for pushing PC strands in the overlong prestressed channel on building bridge and huge buildings.
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Small Concrete Mixer
Wide Application of Multifunctional Small Concrete Mixer
GAODETEC GCM series small concrete mixer can be used to mixing various raw materials, such as dry powder, concrete, sand and stone, mortar and marl etc. And this mini concrete mixer is widely used in small construction site, farm, feeding farm, indoor and
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Mixer and Pump Used in TBM
Gaodetec Grout Mixer and Pump Used in TBM
Gaodetec grout mixer and pump were used in TBM for mixing and grouting cement slurry. The grout mixer volume is 1m3, and was designed in rectangle
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Concrete mixing machine with pump
Concrete mixing machine with a pump application
Concrete mixing and a pump power system using well-known brands of motor. Double-pump dual-circuit hydraulic system, low impact, high reliability.
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12.7mm pc strand
Reasons and Treatment Methods of Prestressed Steel Wires Broken and Loaded
For long-span concrete continuous steel bridges, continuous bridges or steel-continuous beam composite bridges (hereinafter collectively referred to as continuous beam bridge), the prestressing technology is both a structural means and a combination of co
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electric pump station for sale
How to distinguish the quality of hydraulic cylinder electric pump station
Let us show you how to distinguish the quality of hydraulic cylinder and electric pump station: Good hydraulic cylinder, whatever double acting hydraulic cylinder or single acting hydraulic cylinder, it must use high quality material. Our hydraulic cylind
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portable concrete mixer
CM-D series diesel concrete mixing machine application
As a leading manufacturers and suppliers on construction equipment for many years, many types of portable concrete mixer can be supplied as per customer’s demand.
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Jet grouting drilling
Jet grouting drilling supplier
Jet grouting is a highly specialized technique used to create an in situ mass of improved soil also called soil-cement.
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membrane filter press
What is advantage of our high pressure membrane filter press?
Are you looking for a better membrane filter press? Membrane filter press made by gaodetec would be the best choice for you. Our filter press can reduce energy consumption greatly, and there are various forms can be selected, also can meet the needs of di
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Application case of manual filter press in sludge dewatering
Application case of manual filter press in sludge dewatering
In modern industries, filter equipment has been widely applied and solid-liquid separation has become one high value-added industry. As the professional filter press manufacturer in China.
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fine stone concrete pump
Small portable fine stone concrete pump application
The small fine stone concrete pump is widely used in the construction of secondary pouring construction (such as structural columns, stealth columns and other infusion), road, railway tunnels, urban subway, underground powerhouse underground anchorage gro
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grout plant in Malaysia
Grout Plant used in Malaysia for Metro 2nd Line
Gaodetec high pressure grout plant was used in Malaysia for 2nd line metro project, please contact +86-15903613994 for more information.
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sand mortar grout plant
Sand and Cement Mortar Grout Plant Application
Grouting work was applied widely in dam, slope protection, bridge etc. projects. Sometime just grouting cement slurry will ok, but sometime need grouting mortar, if so, will add sand when making mortar slurry.
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small concrete mixer
Application of GCM-H small concrete mixer
GCM-H series small concrete mixer is a kind of self-loading capacity of small and medium-concrete mixer.
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hydraulic fiter press
How to clean the filter cloth of filter press
After long time working of filter press, and under the high pressure environment, there will be more and more solid particle stick to the filter press. Once they accumulate, the filtration rate of filter press will be reduced very much, and the efficiency
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round filter press factory
Round plate filter press
Round plate filter press is used for solid-liquid separation of stone wastewater, ceramic, kaolin, building materials and other industries, high filter pressure, low moisture. The filter pressure can be 2.5 Mpa, even higher. We can also customize it accor
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portable concrete mixer
Concrete Mixer applied for home, medium and small construction site
GAODETEC GCM series concrete mixer is used for mixing cement mortar, concrete on building and dry-mixed mortar for industrial, fodder and see for agriculture, etc.
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electric concrete pump
In complex environments the concrete mixing pump does not affect the application
Small concrete mixer pump combines the concrete mixer and concrete pump together, achieving integration of pump station. It’s with remote control function, the operation more safe and convenient.
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