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Double Acting Or Single Acting Electric Hydraulic Oil Pump


electric oil pump

The features electric hydraulic pump:

1. Spray coating surface, strong anti-corrosion and anti-pollution ability;

2. Lightweight and compact design, the whole machine is light and easy to transport;

3. Two-stage pump design, low pressure and large flow, fast movement of actuators under no-load, automatic switching between high and low pressure;

4. High pressure and large flow, suitable for large tonnage jacks;

5. An adjustable pressure valve is standard, which facilitates recalibration of working pressure and prevents pressure overload;

6. Standard motor starter with overload and leakage protection;

7. Durable directional control valve for single-acting and double-acting jacks, with electromagnetic reversing valve for remote operation;

8. PLC control optional.

single acting electric pump

This double acting electric oil pump is suitable for a variety of industrial production applications, and hydraulic oil pump can also be directly equipped with corresponding equipment for pushing, pulling, expanding, clamping, bending, jacking, extrusion, etc., especially suitable as a power source for the production line.

double acting electric oil pump

Aluminum electric hydraulic pump station features:

ABB aluminum motor high-performance motor is easy to dissipate heat, can be used for a long time, and fully reaches the industrial level;

Adopting German technology and the original main components of Harvey, Germany;

Different valve block configurations are used to form single-acting double-acting, manual control solenoid valve control and other options;

Various sizes of fuel tanks (10-200 liters) can be customized to meet the customer's various hydraulic equipment oil requirements.

Hydraulic Oil Pump