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Cast-in-place foam concrete material is light in weight


The cast-in-place foam concrete contains a large amount of air bubbles, which is lighter than the general civil construction materials, and its weight range can be adjusted between 5 and 13 kN/m3. The core of lightweight applications is to reduce loads and reduce post-construction settlement and uneven settlement. The traditional filling materials are often covered with soil and concrete, and their self-weight is large; the lightweight foamed concrete material is light in weight, small in load, and has little disturbance to other structural layers of the project. The use of foamed concrete can achieve the purpose of structural relief. We are cast-in-place foam concrete material making machine supplier, factory, manufacturers.

foam concrete  lightweight

High fluidity and low filling pressure: Since the cast-in-place foam concrete does not contain coarse aggregate of cement concrete, its fluidity is much higher than that of cement concrete (when the water-cement ratio is 0.5, the flow value is about 180 mm), and it has self-flow during construction. Flat characteristics; can be pumped by hose pump during actual construction: the pumping distance can be up to 900m.

Cast-in-place foam concrete

Since the production point of the cast-in-place foam concrete can be separated from the on-site construction pouring point, and the construction space occupied by the pouring point is extremely small, it can be constructed in a narrow space using foam concrete machine; combined with the self-leveling characteristics of the foam concrete, the filling is self-compacting, and no vibration is required. The construction is convenient and efficient, and it is an excellent material for filling narrow spaces and underground hollows.

Cast-in-place foam concrete machine

By adjusting the content of bubbles in the cast-in-place foam concrete, the dry density of the bubble-mixed concrete can be controlled between 300 and 1200 kg/m3, and the control intensity is adjusted within the range of 0.3 to 5 Mpa (the main application range of the engineering strength is 0.3-1.5 Mpa) . Cement is used as a curing agent, so it forms an over-consolidated state after initial setting of cement. It has self-standing characteristics after solidification and no side pressure on other structures.