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Announcements of Diesel Concrete pumps


Announcements of Diesel Concrete pumps


Announcements of Diesel Concrete pumps

Now let me introduce the mechanical system, lubrication system and cooling system of our diesel concrete pumps.

Mechanical system

concrete pump

The design of hopper and S valve and so on adopt
I-DEAS software to calculate, the hopper and S valve have good rigidity to avoid the phenomenon of hopper distortion and S valve breakage.
The agitator have unique form, which separates the hydraulic motor from agitator bearing pedestal. At the same time, adopting large displacement motor ensures that the agitator moment is big enough.

Make sure the pumping is good and decline the phenomenon of pipe jam, the spectacles wear plate and cutting ring should be used in lower abrasion. Gaodetec spectacles wear plate and cutting ring use high wear material, making the components’ life prolonged greatly.

Lubrication system

diesel concrete pump

The hydraulic circuit will take high oil into double distributor,and then the lubricating part can obtain hydraulic oil.It ensures the lubrication of the concrete cylinder’s piston and other parts and prolongs the life of piston and other sealings.

3. Diesel Concrete Pump 
Cooling system

The radiator equipment makes the working oil temperature of hydraulic system below 70℃ and makes the machine in normal status.