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Oil Pump

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Technical data
■ Description
1. ZB and YB series of Ultrahigh Pressure Pump is the sports nutrition of the jack, which is specially assort used with a variety of  tonnage jack, upsetting and extruding machine top tensioning machine.
2. Type: ZB2×2/50A, ZB2×1.5/63, ZB4/80, YBZ2X2/50A, YBZ2X1.5/63A, and YBZ4/2-50B.
3. Electric oil pump is used for prestressing works
4. Oil pump is used for kinds of anchorage in railway, bridge and building construction
5. We can manufacture all kinds of anchor and equipment according to your requirement and drawings.

■ Application
ZB and YB series of hand oil pump has been widely adopted by modern construction, especially used in pre-tension or post-tension for concrete constructions as building materials, such as bridge construction, railway and highway construction, buildings and channel construction, etc.  
■ Features
1. ZB and YB s series high-voltage electric oil pump is high voltage, safety and high efficiency.
2. Hydraulic jack power pack can be matched with various prestressing equipment, and used in the different works with the oil pressure as power.
3. For example: matched with the suitable machines and devices, it can complete the elemental work such as propulsion, stretching, expansion, clamping, bending, jack-up, extrusion etc.
4. The engineer operation such as the crimping to conversion wire, rebar, reinforced concrete pile pilling, pile test etc.
5. The oil pump can install safety valve, relief valve and way directional control valve according to your requirement.
6. The oil pump is flexible to operate, convenient to use, safe and reliable.  
■ Technical data
Technical parameter for ZB series of electric hydraulic oil pump

Model Rated pressure(Mpa) Rated Net weight(kg) Power(KW) Volume(L) Overall Purpose
flow(L/min) Model dimension(mm)
ZB2×2/50A 50 2×2 120 3 60 740×450×1050 Used of various jack, extruder, button head with rated pressure less than 50 Mpa.
ZB2×1.5/63 63 2×1.5 124 3 60 740×490×880 Used of various jack, extruder, button head with rated pressure less than 63 Mpa.
ZB4/80 80 4 270 4 60 1090×590×1120 Have the performance of big flow, high pressure, can separately feed oil for two jacks.

The technical for YB series of electric hydraulic oil pump

YB series of electric hydraulic oil pump
Model Rated oil pressure Rated flow Power Overall dimensions
Mpa L/min KW mm
YBZ2X2/50A 50 2X2 3 740X450X820
YBZ2X1.5/63A 63 2X1.5 3 740X450X820
YBZ4/2-50B 50 4/2 3 810X550X950
YBZ2-2/50C 50 2-2 3 740X450X820
YBZ10/4-50D 50 10/4 3 800X500X960
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