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Aluminum titanium alloy square drive hydraulic torque wrench set

Max. torque(Nm):
Min. torque(Nm) :
Screw Nut(mm):
Square Drive:
L1(mm) :
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Technical data
■ Description
Gaodetec is a professional hydraulic torque wrench manufacturer integrating R&D, production and sales of hydraulic tools and related equipment. We specialize in providing hydraulic torque wrench with pressures ranging from zero to 700 bar. Mainly focus on the bolt disassembly and solution of the synchronous lifting system.

square drive hydraulic torque wrench set

steel hydraulic torque wrench price

1. Hydraulic torque wrench adopts aluminum-titanium alloy material and integrally molded body to comprehensively strengthen the strength and toughness of the fuselage;
2. 360°X180° rotating hose joint, can be used in a small space, using precision ratchet, output torque accuracy up to ±3%;
3. Stop the scorpion, prevent the tool from reversing due to the bolt torsion rebound, and quickly increase the locking speed of the nut;
4. The wrench body has a simple operation torque table. The oil hole is good for preventing mechanical wear. It canalso be changed to nonstop tweezers according to user requirements, which is beneficial to people who use different habits.
5. Locking drive shaft can be customized according to user requirements;
6. Customize multiple forms of square drive hydraulic torque wrench;
7. The movable handle of hydraulic torque wrench is easy to move and operate.
■ Application
Hydraulic torque wrench operation is powered by a hydraulic pump, which is in turn runs using either electric power or pneumatic pressure. Hydraulic torque wrenches operate at high pressure (up to 10,000 PSI) and can produce torque outputs over 50,000 ft./lbs. These are very precise tools, with an accuracy range of plus or minus three percent and a repeatability of plus or minus one percent. These are industrial-strength wrenches that can apply huge torque to large bolt heads. You will find them working in power plants, pipelines and steel mills. But because of their extreme pressure levels and torque output, it is important for tool operators to understand how to use these wrenches correctly and safely.

square drive electric hydraulic torque wrench for industrial use

How to choose hydraulic torque wrench:

1.Drive type hydraulic wrench is usually selected
2.Limited use of space, the choice of hollow hydraulic wrench
3.Trial space is particularly limited, the choice of ultra-thin hydraulic wrench
4.If the bolt is too long, choose bolt stretcher
List of 10 key square drive hydraulic torque wrench set operating skills:
Power unit
1. Inspection Before connecting the system, visually inspect all components-hoses, fittings, tools, and pumps-for abnormal wear, cracks, burns, or damage.
2. Documentation Ensure that the operator has the correct pressure and torque chart for the selected tool, as well as the updated calibration certificate for the tool and the pump pressure gauge.
3. Appropriate power Make sure that the torque pump has proper power. For air pumps, this means ensuring the correct hose diameter size and the correct PSI and CFM input for the pump. For electric pumps, you need to use heavy-duty extension cords to provide adequate and sufficient current and voltage.

Hose connector on hydraulic torque wrench
4. Hydraulic accessories Next in our list of hydraulic torque wrench operating tips: make sure that the hydraulic fittings are fully connected to the tool and pump hoses
5. Socket The socket must be an impact socket in good condition with no wear on the input or output side of the socket.
6. Self-check This is a critical security measure. Tool operators must be completely focused on using their tools without being distracted.
7. Connect When setting the pressure torque output on the pump, make sure that the system is fully connected and not on the application.
8. Stall When applying torque on the application, make sure that the operator completely stops the tool before retracting/releasing the pump pressure suspension controller.
9. Final progress When the tool is completely stopped, make sure that the operator applies the last advance of the tool to ensure that the bolt is fully tightened to specification before moving to the next bolt.
10. Shut down When removing the tool from the bolt, the operator should completely close the pendant switch on the pump (electric or pneumatic). Finally, it is important to ensure that your hydraulic torque wrench is properly calibrated to ensure safe and accurate measurements.

Gaodetec can help you in this regard. For 25 years, customers have trusted us as both a reliable supplier of high-quality torque tools and an accredited calibration laboratory. Contact us now to find out how we can help with your next project.
■ Features
1. Hydraulic torque wrench for sale for sale wiht high strengthen aluminium-titanium alloy body.
2. 700 bar maximum working pressure of our hydraulic torque wrench, repeat accuracy ±3%.
3. 360° multi-positional swivel quick release couplings.
4. Working with the high resistance sockets, suitable for more size of screws.
5. 360°Adjustable reaction arm with safety lock feature, can be used without reaction arm.

Hydraulic Torque Wrench Structure

■ Technical data
Aluminum titanium alloy square drive hydraulic torque wrench set technical data:
Item MTH02 MTH05 MTH08 MTH10 MTH16 MTH20 MTH28 MTH36 MTH50 MTH70
Max. torque(Nm) 1882 4466 7451 10732 15339 20108 26392 35397 48740 70660
Min. torque(Nm) 188 447 745 1073 1536 2011 2639 3540 4874 7066
Screw Nut(mm) 16-36 22-48 27-55 30-64 36-72 42-90 42-90 48-100 64-120 90
Square Drive 3/4" 1" 1-1/2" 1-1/2" 1-1/2" 2-1/2" 2-1/2" 2-1/2" 2-1/2" 2-1/2"
L1(mm) 130 170 202 228 237 273 287 323 351 376
L2(mm) 182 249 286 326 336 391 433 464 494 528
H1(mm) 52 70 81 90 100 110 120 138 153 162
H2(mm) 77 98 125 134 144 134 187 206 279 291
H3(mm) 96 127 149 172 181 206 221 258 279 291
H4(mm) 133 165 184 207 216 241 256 293 315 326
R1(mm) 25.8 34.8 39.8 16.8 50.8 56.8 59.8 70.8 76.8 78.9
R2(mm) 102 140 160 184 192 223 248 256 271 295
Weight 1.7 3.8 6.6 9 12.9 24.5 24.5 30.7 44.8 63.2
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