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Hollow hydraulic torque wrench set

Max. torque(Nm) :
Min. torque(Nm) :
Screw Nut(mm):
Square Drive:
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Technical data
■ Description
Hollow hydraulic torque wrench adopts aluminum-titanium alloy material and integrally molded body to comprehensively strengthen the strength and toughness of the fuselage. 360°X180° rotating hose joint, can be used in a small space, using precision ratchet, output torque accuracy up to ±3%. The hollow hydraulic wrench is composed of a power head and a working head. It can be used for multiple purposes in one machine. One power head can be equipped with multiple working heads, and the working range is wide. Extendable metric and inch hexagon drive shaft and sleeve for the working head, suitable for use in tight spaces. Locking drive shaft can be customized according to user requirements. The movable handle is easy to move and operate.

hollow hydraulic torque wrench with CE certified

Delivey of hollow hydraulic torque wrench:
1. Small quantity: By international exress, such as DHL, TNT, FEDEX, UPS, etc. Depending on the customers' choice. Goods will arrive within 7 days in normal cicumstances;
2. Large quantity: By sea transportation. Goods will arrive in 30~45 days, according to the diatance.

steel hollow hydraulic wrench torque with factory price

steel hollow socket hydraulic torque wrench

steel hollow torque wrench with electric hydraulic power unit

■ Application
Power of steel hollow hydraulic torque wrench set is in the palm of your hand, and there is no better combination of power and size than a hydraulic torque wrench. The low clearance option provides mounting options that other types of tools cannot match, while the square drive unit can be resized by simply changing the sleeve, providing excellent flexibility.

China hollow hydraulic torque wrench manufacturer price
industrial torque wrench tools hydraulic hollow torque wrench

Customers visit our hydraulic torque wrench factory:

low profile hollow hydraulic wrench supplier

■ Features
1. Steel hydraulic torque wrench is with high strengthen aluminium-titanium alloy body.
2. 700 bar maximum working pressure, repeat accuracy ±3%.
3. 360° multi-positional swivel quick release couplings has no limitation in used space, convenient to operate.
4. Working with the high resistance sockets, hollow hydraulic torque wrench is suitable for more size of screws.
5. 360°Adjustable reaction arm with safety lock feature, can be used without reaction arm.
6. The nut rotation angle in single operation is large and the hydraulic piston has a quick return stroke. The work efficiency is high.
6. The reactive force is on one straight line, which can decrease the inner torque abrasion
7. The constant torque output provides the high precision for wrench in the whole working process.
8. The maintenance of hollow hydraulic torque wrench is simple and does not need the special tools.
9. The torque wrench surface has a good corrosion resistant performance after the nickel plating treatment.
10. All the hollow hydraulic wrenches have copper lining to ensure that the ratchet wheel does not contact with the wall, which can extend the working life.
11. You can select the various kinds of reduction sleeves to extend the application range.

CE steel hollow torque wrench factory

CE steel hollow torque wrench factory service:
1. 24 hours online service.
2. One year warranty, repair and service for the whole life.
3. Question report will be replied in 48 hours.
4. Quality guaranteed.

high torque hexagon cassette type electric hollow hydraulic torque wrench

China hollow hydraulic torque wrench competitive advantages:
1. High quality and competitive price.
2. Low minimum order quantity.
3. A wide range of products for your reference.
4. Good customer service: Customer satisfaction is our primary goal. Warm and patient international sales staff provide timely and professional services.
5. OEM service: customer LOGO engraving, customized packaging, product design and production according to customer, etc.
■ Technical data
Technical data of hollow hydraulic torque wrench for sale with factory price:
Item HKB03 HKB05 HKB10 HKB20 HKB30 HKB40 HKB50
Max. torque(Nm) 2266 5188 9855 17202 23072 40639 50956
Min. torque(Nm) 227 519 986 1720 2307 4064 5095
Screw Nut(mm) 27-50 27-65 50-90 65-115 75-135 80-155 130-200
Square Drive KB50 KB65 KB90 KB115 KB135 KB155 KB200
L1(mm) 205 251.3 302.5 367 400.5 457.5 502
H1(mm) 129 163 191 223 246 282 322
H2(mm) 100 136 166.5 198 224 265 328
W1(mm) 32 41 53 64 70 84 90
W2(mm) 50 66 83 99 110 132 144
Weight 2.3 4.9 9 16.3 18.1 30.2 39.5
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