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GYJ Extrusion Machine

Rated extrusion pressure:
Extrusion hydro-cylinder:
Extrusion area of piston:
7.85 ×10-³ m²
Return area of piston:
Stroke of extrusion:
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Technical data
■ Description
1.GYJ series extrusion machine is the special equipment of making the P fixed- end anchorage.
2.YH30 embossing machine is the special extruding equipment of making the fixed-end anchorage, mainly used for extruding  the fixed-end of Prestressing strands into pear-shaped scattering shape. 
3. For prestressing and post-tensioning use.
4. Good quality with high performance 
■ Application
It has been widely adopted by modern construction, especially used in pre-tension or post-tension for concrete constructions as building materials, such as bridge construction, railway and highway construction, buildings and channel construction, ect. 

■ Features
For GYJ extruding machine:
Extruding Machine is a professional equipment mainly used to extrude prestressed cable and make them become grip Wrap type anchors. it is applied for single end anchoring, such as Φ12-Φ15.7 prestressed cable. This method is very simple and this kind of equipment is easy to operate, high efficiency with extruding 20 or 30 pieces of anchors per hour.
For YH30 embossing machine:
YH30 Embossing Machine is a special equipment which is applied in multistrand fixing and H type anchoring system. After replaced the wedge, it can be used for the other specification of steel strands. YH30 type embossing machine is small in size, light, and easy to operate. .
■ Technical data
The technical parameter of GYJ extrusion machine:

parameter table of GYJ extrusion machine
Model Rated extrusion Extrusion Extrusion Return area Stroke of Mass Overall
pressure hydro-cylinder area of piston of piston extrusion dimension
KN Mpa mm kg mm
GYJ500 495 63 7.85 ×10-³ 4.5×10-³ 150 70 760×200×200
GYJ600 565 50 1.13×10-² 4.95×10-² 150 50 605×195×195

The technical parameter of YH30 embossing machine:

Parameter table of YH30 embossing machine
Model Rated stressing Oil Return area Extrusion area Stroke of Mass Overall
pressure pressure of piston of piston extrusion dimension
  KN Mpa mm kg mm
YH30 30 43 0.425×10-³ 0.707×10-³ 70 11 560×155×215
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