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QYC Front-end mono strand hydraulic jack

Nominal tensioning:
Diameter of minimum center hole:
Area of stressing cylinder:
Stroke of stressing:
Rated oil pressure:
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Technical data
■ Description
1. QYC Front-end Mono Strand Hydraulic jack has internal re-usable anchor which can automatically clamp and loosen the wedge.
2. Mono jack are mainly used for GYM15 and GYM13- type various single tensioning with bonded and unbonded prestressed cable. 
■ Application
QYC 27ton hydraulic jack is matched with prestressed anchorage widely used in the construction of bridge and buildings, railway and subway, water conservancy and hydropower engineering.  
■ Features
1. Using the new seals, to synchronous strengthen the seal-ability under great pressure.
2. Mono jack use for 12.7mm pc strand using special alloy steel with heat treatment process, reducing the cylinder's expansion ratio in the tensioning process. So the life of seals and sealing performance can be improved about 20%.
3. In the tensioning and operating process,, jacks is easily damaged under overpressure because of the jack-based pullback cylinder, so we added the overpressure valve on the jacks to pressure production. Meanwhile we improved the original of commonly used structure by wire disc and flanged disc, to make the bearing capacity for oil pressure strengthen. So enormously reduce the possibility of mechanical damage due to improper operation. 
■ Technical data
Parameter table of QYC Front-end Mono Strand Hydraulic jack
Nominal Diameter of Area of Stroke of Rated oil pressure Overall
Minimum The reserved
tensioning minimum stressing stressing working length
  center hole cylinder   space(mm) of strand
KN mm mm² mm Mpa out diameter(mm) length(mm) L E mm
QYC70 74 10 1437 150 50 63 296 616 54 120
QYC240 240 18 4009 200 60 102 425 825 86.7 200
QYC270 270 18 4415 200 61 105 427 827 89 200
QYC1100 1100   22619 200 49 265 336      
QYC2000 2000   42332 200 48 355 386      

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